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a demonstration by bicycle and by car to demand the lifting of the American embargo

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                Several hundred Cubans demonstrated on Sunday March 28 by bike and car on the Havana seafront promenade to demand the lifting of the American embargo in force against the island since 1962.

                                    <p>With a lot of horns and slogans, the demonstrators traveled seven kilometers on the “Malecon” of the Cuban capital, usually filled with foreign tourists, fishermen and walkers, but currently deserted due to the pandemic.

« This blockade is inhumane and I believe similar campaigns are taking place in different countries. As Cubans, it is our duty to support this campaign Against the embargo, Ana Fidelia Quirot, former world champion and double Olympic medalist in the 800 meters, who participated in the event, told AFP.

Adversaries since the revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959, the United States and Cuba have operated under the leadership of Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro for a historic rapprochement that has enabled in 2015 the restoration of diplomatic relations.

An embargo hardens under the Trump mandate

After the arrival of Donald Trump At the White House in 2017, the United States tightened the embargo, citing human rights abuses in Cuba and Havana’s support for Venezuela’s Chavista government.

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The hope that tensions will subside with the election of Joe Biden has gradually faded, so much does it seem that Cuba is by no means one of the priorities of the new American administration.

« During the Covid-19 pandemic, the blockade is not only criminal, illegal, immoral, extra-territorial and a flagrant violation of international law. Its genocidal character is also reinforced Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told reporters during the demonstration in Havana.

Cuba, which has 11.2 million inhabitants, has recorded more than 72,000 cases of coronavirus, including 415 deaths, since the start of the pandemic.

To listen: 4 years in office with Trump, Cuba at the end of its rope

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