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A deaf Gaza girl confronts bullying by teaching sign language to healthy people – Our Life – Entities

“I was feeling very upset as a result of the bullying of people, and their mockery of the way I addressed my friends, or my relatives and my family with the language and gestures of sign, while I was in public places.” These feelings were expressed by Heba Abu Jazar, a hearing-impaired woman, in sign language, expressing her suffering This is due to the negative perception of society, and the bullying attitudes that it is continuously exposed to from the local community in the Gaza Strip.

The irony that marred the life of the young woman, Abu Jazar

(27 years), a resident of the city of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza Strip, is the same one that changed its course, and was the main reason for spreading the gift of the culture and sign language of the deaf and mute among the healthy common people, after it was the motive for their mockery.

Heba launched an initiative to teach school and university students the language of the deaf and dumb, in addition to holding training workshops within local Palestinian institutions, and publishing many videos on social media about methods of learning sign language, to facilitate the process of communicating with others.

Heba confronted bullying in a civilized and modern way, as she became involved with healthy citizens, and made sign language the object of their mockery, a new culture whose secrets they discover.

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“I faced bullying a lot, and in different places, I used to feel this while communicating with others, as the general population is not aware of the sign language, but this is not a reason to make their mockery here and there,” said the young woman, Heba Abu Jazar, to “Emirates Today”.

Heba smiles, then adds: “After the state of annoyance, she decided to face the ridicule of citizens, and made the sign language, which was a cause for cynicism, permanently present in the details of their daily lives, in order to create a state of integration between healthy, deaf and mute citizens, so that they would not be subjected to bullying. Interface it ».

The young woman in her twenties, speaking in sign language continues, “For that, she formally communicated with Palestinian schools and universities, and civil institutions, to hold training courses and workshops to spread sign language and teach it to students of all ages, and this idea received great admiration from the administration of educational and local institutions, as well as I noticed a response Fast students to learn the movements of the deaf and dumb ».

The young woman expresses her pride and happiness for the free educational service she provided to school and university students, and for her initiative that succeeded in treating a large group of bullying, which is so widespread among the general community.

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The girl who was exposed to bullying was able to fulfill all her ambitions, to become a creative community activist in many fields, most notably human development, television and photography photography, design, translation, and an active member of many local institutions in the Gaza Strip.

But she added: “All the opportunities available in the Palestinian institutions in the Gaza Strip do not rise to the level of realizing the dreams of the deaf and mute and reaching their ambitions.”

3 sisters ‘in one language’

Heba was born to a speaking father and mother, and her sister Eman grows up, with whom she shares the will and disability by one year, while a third sister, aged 14, shares the same injury with them.

Eman supports her sister Heba in producing and filming educational visual materials on methods of dialogue with the deaf, to be disseminated on social media. The two sisters also design signs for deaf signs to be displayed in public places.

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