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A cryptic Twitter message from the U.S. Nuclear Command Center was revealed as a toddler trick – Abroad

Hacker, or nuclear weapons launch code, was debated on social media.

30.3. 23:52

A message accidentally posted on Twitter by a toddler caused confusion in the world over the weekend. That message was published by the U.S. Nuclear Forces Command Center US Strategic Commandin official With a Twitter account.

Social media even raised concerns that the nuclear weapons management account has been hacked. Or did someone put a nuclear weapon trigger code on the account? The content of the message was at least concise: “ ;l;;gmlxzssaw ”.

More confusion came when half an hour later the text appeared on the same account: “Sorry for the confusion. Ignore the previous message ”. Since then, both messages have been removed from the account.

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Daily Dot site supplier Mikael Thalen began to find out the backgrounds of the cryptic message. Eventually, he received the explanation directly from the nuclear command.

– The command center Twitter account administrator performed remote tasks and momentarily left the Twitter account open and unattended. At that time, her very young child had time to take advantage of the situation, starting to play with the keyboard and, unfortunately, but unknowingly posted a tweet, read the command center in the answer Thalenille.

In Finland, the tweet was first told Helsingin sanomat newspaper.

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