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A clear symptom told Krista Siegfrids that she was pregnant: “I had left out the pills, but I couldn’t imagine getting pregnant right away” – People & Relationships

Let’s make a baby! Krista Siegfrids knew almost immediately after meeting Dutchman Rutger that there was a man with whom she wanted a family.


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Ethis is wonderful Krista Siegfrids, 35, wonders as she pushes her three-month-old daughter in a stroller Lizzy home towards the center of Amsterdam. When a cohabiting spouse working in the event field Rutger, 38, is at work, Krista has had time to wander around and watch the hustle and bustle of the market near the home, admire the canals running through the city. In March, spring is already well under way in Amsterdam, with some newcomers running against them in shorts and a t-shirt.

Exactly two years ago, Krista laid out her belongings in her single apartment. She had just divorced her husband, with whom she had been together for more than ten years. The singer hurled at gigs around the country, jumping to various projects with quick notice.

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– I thought for a long time, that I am a restless soul, all the time, and had to run to happen. I am an energetic person, and I thought that the restlessness associated with it.

Rutger still remembers the first impression he got when he met Krista in the spring of 2019 through mutual friends. The first encounter took place at a house party in Amsterdam.

– Krista was beautiful, funny, confident, determined and interesting. She had all the qualities I like in a woman. We had fun together, and there was so much click between us that I wanted to get to know him better.

Krista is aware that things have changed quickly, but for the first time in her life she feels deep peace.

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– I’ve never looked for love. When I came here, it never occurred to me to find a man. I fell in love with Amsterdam almost as much, Krista grins.

The difference from a youthful relationship

Krista became known overnight when she was elected Finland’s Eurovision representative in 2013 Marry me with. Kristan’s heartbreaking positivity attracted attention.

– It has become a home heritage. I know some of it is also annoying, but it’s genuine to me! We have always lived in such a way that we try to find opportunities in all things – even though we have had to face sorrows and adversities. My father’s death, my mother’s onset of acute leukemia, and my own divorce have been the most difficult places in my life.


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“I’m happy that we’re friends again with Janne. After the separation, we had to take a moment away, but now we call and talk again, ”says Krista about her ex-spouse.­

When she went public, Krista had been dating the same man all her adult life, a radio presenter Janne Grönroosin with. Krista was able to respond to the marriage proceedings related to the wedding theme of the song for several years. The couple eventually married in 2017.

After the Eurovision Song Contest, Krista had a full music career, sometimes living in Stockholm because of her work patterns.

– Our difference was not dramatic, it had been matured for so long. We said we shouldn’t continue together as a couple if neither is happy. However, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been much happiness in the relationship in the past or that we’ve sometimes not been right for each other, the woman formulates.

– When you are together from a young age and both change over time, you may grow apart. While it was hard to find, it was also a relief. I am happy that we have with Janne’s friends again. After the separation, we had to take a moment to distance, but now we call and talk again. I think there’s just the perfect person for him somewhere.

The difference reinforced Krista’s desire to be faithful to herself.

– The more honest you dare to be and consider whether this is the right relationship for me – and make changes if necessary – the happier you probably are.

OMG, this is the right one!

Krista was 33 when she divorced and hadn’t even had time to think of a new relationship when she met Rutger. Krista had used Dutch dancers in her show with whom she became friends. After the resignation, he traveled exceptionally much, in the spring also to his new friends in Holland.

– Rutger and I were friends for a little while at first, but it quickly felt like OMG this is the right type! The mutual feeling was so strong mad that I could not begin to rationalize it, that I was quite freshly divorced. I wonder if this could be the case!

Krista says she is in love with Rutger for fairness and honesty.

– And he was also sick handsome! I quickly realized I could trust him. We also had a very similar way of living, and we enjoyed and dreamed of the same things. We are social, we like to see people together, and we are all always welcome. Rutger is also positive in nature, maybe that’s why he immediately felt somehow familiar. He reminds me a lot of my father and brother, is actually a good mix of them.

Krista describes the early days of the couple as if they were from a movie. The couple walked in Amsterdam, attended wine glasses and dinners, friends ’house parties, traveled. Rutger went to Finland to watch Krista’s gigs – and was impressed by her girlfriend’s skills on stage.

At the New Year celebrations, when 2020 changed, the couple made the decision.

Let’s make a baby! Let’s make a baby! Because it felt so right. I knew almost as soon as I met Rutger that I wanted to start a family with him – and he had the same feeling.

The test looks positive

Krista began to suspect she was pregnant when, for the first time in her life, she had to fall asleep.

– I had left out the pills, but I couldn’t imagine getting pregnant right away. I was about to leave Amsterdam for Finland, so I had to check it right away.

In the spring, the family spends a month and a half in Finland during Talent’s live broadcasts. Rutger plans to be with Lizzy on the backstage when Krista judges.­

Rutger had gone to work, and Krista took the pregnancy test alone. When the test looked positive, he called the man that he must come back immediately. Again, we were in the middle of a movie; Krista was in a hurry to the airport, but she wanted to tell the news face to face.

– Rutger wondered why he should leave work just when you had got there, so I was forced to reveal the phone that I’m pregnant! Eventually, before I left, we had time to be together for a while and digest it.

– Rutger was calm and super happy, he was not afraid. I am of us it dramatic, he reassured me and said that this will be wonderful. It was such a happy shock!

The couple had already flown many times between Amsterdam and Finland, but that time the departure and separation felt particularly grueling. Krista went to Finland to shoot Talentprogram and was quarantined due to corona restrictions. The mind had time to spin all sorts.

– Tired, I wonder how my career works between two countries. Or what if we have a baby who screams for colic and our fresh relationship doesn’t last?

Krista was also special to appear on television pregnant. After the quarantine period, he had time to judge the Talent final.

– I was excited about the pregnancy, but at the same time I was wondering if anyone could notice it?

After the final, Krista flew back to Amsterdam. The coronavirus decided the location for the next couple of months, when Krista’s gigs in Finland were canceled. It was time to digest what happened and learn more about Amsterdam.

The couple decided to stay permanently in Holland. They would always visit Finland according to Krista’s work. There would be two home countries, but a permanent home would be in Amsterdam.

– Some must have wondered that OMG Krista, so fast a new man, baby and moving to a new country! However, my family and those who know me were convinced that I would not do this if the type was not entirely right for me. Even the last suspects were convinced when they met Rutger.

Nor did Rutger, who prefers to let his open wife be in flashlight, was not afraid to make rapid progress in the relationship.

– Krista’s positive attitude towards life is one of the reasons why it has been nice to share life with her.

Family life in Amsterdam

For a year now, family life has been focused on Rutger’s seventy-square-foot apartment in the eastern part of Amsterdam. A lot of young adults live in the trendy district.

Born in November, Lizzy has proven to be a good-natured baby who sleeps a lot.

– It is very common here that childbearing is delayed closer to forty years. We were the first in our circle of friends to have a child. Lizzy is the eye of many other than us, Krista says.

In the midst of exceptional circumstances, family life is focused on the home. When the restaurants are closed, the couple has cooked Michelin-level diners at home, occasionally gone crazy on Instagram, dressing in traditional Dutch costumes, and enjoying seeing their friends.

“When I met Rutger, for the first time in my life, it seemed more important to be with someone than at work. After Lizzy was born, the feeling has strengthened. ”­

Lizzy has also gotten into her mother’s Instagram jokes. In one video, Krista runs to the girl in her big horseshoe dress and makes her win another Eurovision song. It is at least certain that Lizzy will grow into a multilingual European. Krista speaks Swedish to her native Swedish, Rutger to Dutch, and the couple speaks English to each other.

Kristak has also studied Dutch.

– I’ve made progress in a very, very fast but the debate still I fall from the carts. Rutger loves when I sing, and he would like me to sing his favorite songs in Dutch!

The family is gradually learning to travel between the two countries. In the spring, they spend a month and a half in Finland during Talent’s live broadcasts. Rutger is with Lizzy on the backstage during filming.

– I’ve been really earlier spontaneous type, but in the end demanded surprisingly little getting used to, that part to take all the factors into account in advance, says Krista.

– When Lizzy was born, I noticed that I had stressed many things in vain, such as traveling with a child. When we flew to Finland for the first time, the girl slept the whole flight and still a taxi ride from the airport.

The calmer rhythm of life has felt surprisingly good about Krista, a former restless soul. At the Amsterdam home, Krista’s singing career is reminiscent only of the performance clothes lined up in the wardrobe, which she wears again when the epidemic eases.

– When I met Rutger, for the first time in my life, it seemed more important to be with someone than at work. After Lizzy was born, the feeling has strengthened. I have been overwhelmed by the remarkable peace and awareness that everything is organized in the best possible way.

Krista Siegfrids

35-year-old Finnish-Swedish singer and performer.

See you as a judge for the Talent program.

Lives in Amsterdam with her cohabitant, Rutger, 38, who works in the event industry. It still appears in Finland as well.

The couple’s Lizzy daughter is three months old.

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