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a citizen movement campaigning against the purchase of conscience

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                While the campaign for the presidential election of March 21 closes this Friday in Congo-Brazzaville, an activist movement called "Progress" has been leading since the beginning of the week a campaign against the purchase of conscience, avoiding citizens to vote with full responsibility during this election for which the outgoing president Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who has accumulated 36 years in power, is seeking a fourth term.

                                    <p><span><span><span><span><span><span><em>With our correspondent in Brazzaville</em>,<strong> Loïcia Martial</strong></span></span></span></span></span></span>

In the makeshift market on the opposite side of the large and famous Total market, a group of young people from the “Progress” movement equipped with a megaphone slalom between the points of sale of the ladies who offer second-hand clothes. Each member wears a white T-shirt on which we can read “ My vote, my future, no to corruption, I vote for the alternation ».

The movement is led by Charlin Kinouani who educates merchants and passers-by who asks them to go and vote on Sunday with all their soul and conscience.

« It is a habit in the Congo: when it comes to the presidential election, people come to give tickets of 2,000 CFA francs or 5,000 CFA francs to citizens so that they can go and vote, without them knowing. that they sacrifice their future. Now it’s time to tell them that their future matters more than the 2,000 CFA francs they can take. What we are asking the Congolese is to go and vote in complete freedom ».

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Kongo Dia Nzokolo is also part of the campaign. For him, it is time to stop what he calls electoral corruption. “ If there was money (in the country), why not give the Congolese the minimum, why only wait for the vote He blurted out.

Convinced that fraud, embezzlement and corruption plague Congolese society, the young people of the “Progress” movement plan to continue their campaign even after the election.

While young people are leading this Movement, Pierre Moussa, campaign director for Denis Sassou-Nguesso presented his candidate at a press conference as ” a wine that improves with age “. No other candidate worries him, because he is the most experienced of all, he concluded.

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