Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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A citizen faces an Asian gang during the robbery of “Etisalat” tower – localities – accidents and cases

A citizen contributed to the arrest of a gang that targeted the theft of a reinforcement tower belonging to the “telecommunications” institution, after he heard a strange sound at night, near his house, so he went out and saw people there, and did not hesitate to go to the place, and confronted them to find out what they were doing late at night, and one of them told him that he was an employee of the establishment But he did not believe, and he insisted on checking them, so the gang members were afraid and begged him not to inform the police, so he recorded the number of the vehicle they used and informed the police after they fled.

The Public Prosecution referred the three defendants who were arrested to a criminal court on charges of robbery at night, after they cut a copper wire and a metal tape, before they fled the scene.

The evidence witness, a 49-year-old citizen, said that he was at his home at 12:30 a.m., near the Salmin Mosque in the second area of ​​Al-Qusais, and he heard the sound of a stone falling on his house. And he realized that the source of the sound was coming from a reinforcement tower belonging to a telecommunications institution, and he saw a person at the top of the podium and doubted the reason for his presence, and thought that he was an employee doing his work, and left him and returned to his home.

He added that the suspicion did not leave him after his return that there was a criminal act taking place, so he returned to the place and saw an old Nissan Sunny vehicle, moving, and next to it was a tall Asian man, so he asked him about the reason for their presence in the place, and he told him that he was an employee, but the witness did not believe him. He asked for proof of identity, but he refused to show any, and he apologized.

At this moment, another person came down from the top of the reinforcement tower with a bundle of electrical wires in hand, and he realized that they were robbing the tower, and he saw the last person collect wires and equipment and put them in the trunk of the car, and when the accused saw him he apologized to him and begged him not to report them, but he recorded the number of the vehicle and called the police .

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