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a billion compensation for the victims of a gynecologist accused of sexual abuse

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                In the United States, an agreement has been reached between the University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles and several hundred women who have been sexually abused during gynecological examinations performed by a doctor who has since retired.  The plaintiffs will receive $ 850 million from USC, a record sum in this type of case in the United States.

                                    <p>This agreement makes it possible to avoid this university of civil actions, but it does not put an end to this extraordinary affair.

George Tyndall, a 74-year-old gynecologist, practiced for 30 years at University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles. So he had gynecological exams on thousands of women. And for years, as complaints mounted, university management turned a blind eye to its practices. Even the nurses who attended these appointments preferred to look aside to avoid witnessing them.

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It was not until 2016, following an internal investigation launched by a nurse that this case was revealed to the general public. But that hasn’t stopped Dr Tyndall from retiring in 2017. The university president has since resigned. In 2018, following a collective federal complaint in which more than 16,000 former patients of the doctor had joined, an agreement was reached for an amount of 215 million dollars.

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With this new agreement to avoid civil lawsuits, the university will pay a total of nearly $ 1 billion in compensation. Unheard of in this type of case. As for Doctor Tyndall? Arrested in 2019, he has since been charged with sexual touching and raping a total of twenty women, he faces up to 50 years in prison. Although he has since been released on bail.


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