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a 7th album to “be optimistic, move forward”

Daniel Lévi in ​​Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) on May 10, 2018 (P. LYAUTEY / MAXPPP)

Discovered in the 2000s through his role as Moses in the musical The ten Commandments, singer, songwriter, composer and pianist Daniel Lévi has just released a new album: Thanks to you. A very personal 7th opus, that of a rebirth after a long fight against the disease.

Elodie Suigo: You are making your comeback with the release of your new album Thanks to you, this is your seventh album. You really come back to your first love with this groovy album.

Daniel Levi: Yes. I like to say that over time, we want to be even closer to what we are, to what we stand for, to what touches you the most. The groove yes but there is also the ballad, in its noblest aspect, the one which will seek the emotions of the soul.

Call soul music. You can really hear the full range of your voice. You’ve always mastered this and you’ve always had a pretty powerful vocal technique. Finally, since you were little?

Yes. I never took a singing lesson. I come from a large family, the last of seven children and I sang carried by my brothers and sisters, one on the piano, the other on the guitar, the other on the accordion and I only had the tam left. tam so I started like that but it was formative. In terms of the groove, you talked about it, the rhythm, then I sang so I was little Michael Jackson with my sisters doing the backing vocals. I sing pretty much anything I want and don’t have a disability. What I like is to be at the service of the song or what it requires to express the maximum.

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You have always been in this humility. You have always been in “the shadows” because you are like that.

I would say that when you’re a sun, you can’t be in the shade at the same time.

Humility is a posture in life, we don’t have to bring it back.

Daniel Levi

to franceinfo

This modesty, does it come from your parents?

Without a doubt. It’s kind of the subject that I wanted to develop through this album, which is a way of being in recognition. Without the other, we don’t exist. It is at the same time my modesty which characterizes one of the traits of my character and then the way of being able and having to explode when one is on stage and when one gets naked. And there, in the same way that we are reserved, it is a question of giving a lot of things of oneself and a lot of things to the public, we are in a kind of commitment. It is very paradoxical and very curious.

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You are still beaten. You won against disease, against cancer. Is this album a victory over life?

So I don’t claim victory so quickly. The disease remains sneaky and unpredictable, but I win battles. I am well surrounded and then things are going in the right direction, we will say.

This is also it Thanks to you, is it also a way to pay tribute to those around you, who accompany you?

Of course my wife first who was great. You were talking about the disease, in this ordeal it is very present, it also bothers me a lot, I have to say it on the radio! It remains a pillar. I have a wonderful family and then there are anonymous people, of all stripes, of all faiths who have told me things, and who make you want to continue.

You have a lot of authors on this album. Why don’t you trust yourself a little more in the writing?

You have hit the nail on the head, it’s a key word for me: trust. Paradoxically again, I have always had a lack of confidence. I chose three authors: Frédéric Zeitoun, Ralph Adamson and Marc Elya who wrote the majority of the texts.

This album is you. It ends with a song called I’m fine. One way to reassure everyone and reassure yourself that you are looking ahead now?

Exactly. There was a history of willingness to be optimistic, to move forward, and to be in positive pull.

I would like to go back to your beginnings because somewhere, it is a return to your first love. Where does Daniel Lévi come from, that’s a really good question! You were hired by Disney studios for this music, essential because obviously when you’re a little girl you can’t miss the song This blue dream with Karine Costa. Has she changed your life?

It made me dream because being part of Disney’s heritage is a great thing. In addition, I believe that at the time, Walt Disney was not at the height of his popularity and with the film Aladin which was a success, I just contributed the end credits but it was my first contact with the general public.

In 2000, there is a huge turning point in your career, you will play Moïse in the musical by Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo The ten Commandments. There you really hit the top.

I had so much to prove when I sang this! I remember it was an afternoon and when I came out of the studio I knew I had stamped something. I had tears in my eyes when I walked out of that studio because I knew I had left something so intense that was characterizing me at that time, maybe so strong that she made shadow of what I was able to do a little later. But luckily I’m making up for it with this new album in which there are songs that are up to the task, but it’s gratifying to know that we have sung for the heritage of French song.

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