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A 7-year-old girl, the youngest victim of military violence in Burma


The little girl, identified as Khin Myo Chit, died after being shot in the abdomen by a military man while she was sitting on her father’s lap inside their house.

The girl’s father embraces her body after her death.EFE
A girl of 7 to, who was shot the day before by a soldier, has become the youngest victim of military violence in Burma (Myanmar), which has caused at least 275 dead, including a score of minors, since the coup on February 1.

The little girl, identified as Khin myo chit, died on Tuesday in a town in the state of Mandalay after being shot in the abdomen by a military man while sitting on his father’s lap inside his house, reported this Wednesday the media Myanmar Now.

The older sister of the victim, Aye Chan San, affirmed to the medium that soldiers and policemen broke into your home at Aung Pin Le in Chanmyathazi City, and asked if anyone else was in the house, after ordering everyone to sit down.

The father repeated that there were only six people and that they were all in the room, a soldier reacted accusing him of lying and shooting him, but the bullet hit the daughter, according to the sister’s testimony.

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The soldiers then they hit one of the brothers with the butts of their rifles, 19, and they took him away. They also wanted to take the injured girl, but her relatives prevented them.

“My father didn’t know what to do because he had the girl in his arms … They told him to give the girl“Aye Chan San recounted, but he refused.

The girl was rushed to the hospital, but the doctors were unable to save her life. Two other people, one in their thirties and one in their 20s, were killed by soldiers in Aung Pin Le.

Neighbors claimed that nor did they know why the soldiers had entered their district because there had been no protests against the regime that day.

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The child’s death has sparked a wave of outrage and complaints, including from the NGO Save the Children y Yanghee Lee, the former UN Rapporteur for Burma. “Is killing a 7-year-old girl the new strategy for Myanmar’s security? A 14-year-old boy also recently died. Also children of 14 and 16 years killed by shots in the head, “said Lee on his Twitter account.

In a statement, Save the Children stated that the number of children killed stands at around twenty, including a 14-year-old boy who died on Monday, and expressed concern about the at least 17 minors who are detained and they are not receiving adequate care, including access to food.

“We are horrified that children continue to be the target of attacks against peaceful protesters. The deaths of these children are especially worrying because they occurred while at home, where they should be safe,” the NGO said.

“The fact that so many children die almost daily shows a total disregard for human life by the security forces, “Save the Children says.

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