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9 reasons that require immediate protection for the child – local – others

The articles of Federal Law No. (3) of 2016 regarding the protection of the rights of the child (Wadima) refer to nine cases that require immediate and systematic protection for the child, inform the competent authorities to intervene, and take measures to prevent or stop his abuse, according to the explanations provided by the Ministry of Community Development on the most important axes and provisions Law.

On March 15th, the UAE celebrated the Emirati Children’s Day, to contribute to promoting societal culture on children’s rights.

The compelling reasons that require immediate protection for the child, stipulated by the law through its various articles, include nine situations that the child may be exposed to, and threaten his physical, psychological, moral or mental integrity, such as losing the child to his parents, remaining without a breadwinner or sponsor, or being ostracized. Neglect and homelessness.

Reasons include sexual abuse, exploitation by illegal organizations, and organized crime such as planting ideas of intolerance or inciting them to commit acts of violence, beggary or economic exploitation, the inability of parents or guardians to take care of him, in addition to kidnapping, selling or trafficking in it.

The Ministry has identified three mechanisms that must be applied to ensure that the child obtains his right to protection, and they are first: Every person must inform the competent authorities in the event that there is anything that threatens his physical, psychological, moral or mental safety or health. Second: That reporting is mandatory for educators, doctors, social workers or others who are entrusted with protecting children. Third: Every person who has reached the age of majority helps any child who is asked to inform the competent authorities of his suffering or the suffering of any of his siblings or any other child.

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The Ministry provides, through its electronic channels, a simple explanation of the provisions of the (Wadima) Law, as part of its implementation of an awareness strategy that includes the child, the family, educators, specialists and the general public.

In its explanations of the law, it stipulated the most important legal measures taken to ensure the protection of the child when he is exposed to one or more types of abuse and harm, which includes prohibiting everyone who has been convicted of a crime of sexual assault or a crime of child pornography from working in a job that is in direct contact with children Even if he was rehabilitated.

The applied protection measures include that, in the event of the parents’ separation, to the competent court and before it decides to grant custody of the child to either of them, the submission of a detailed report on the social, psychological, health and criminal status of the person applying for custody, or a declaration stating that he has not committed a crime outside the country.

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