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9 basic characteristics of a “good real estate broker” – local economy

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of “W Capital Real Estate Brokerage”, Walid Al-Zarouni, identified nine main characteristics that are indispensable for a good real estate broker.

He said that the presence of the real estate broker is important in assisting and protecting dealers in real estate operations, in addition to its great role in completing sale and purchase deals, as it is the first reference for dealers in the real estate market, stressing that choosing a good real estate broker is what makes the deals successful.

He continued: «Whether a buyer is looking for a property for investment or housing purposes, or an owner who wishes to sell, it is certain that the presence of the mediator greatly facilitates the buying and selling processes and makes them more flexible. Indeed, it can be said that the existence of a real estate broker has become an inevitable Real estate buying and selling deals.

He stressed that the real estate broker’s knowledge of the real estate traded in the market and their special conditions is perhaps the most important thing that a real estate dealer always looks for in order to build a viable plan to obtain his real estate goal.

According to Al Zarouni, the specifications of a good real estate broker are as follows:

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1- Sincerity, honesty and credibility in giving information to clients, and this is something that some of those who seek their interests miss before dealers, and therefore honesty is a basic condition for the success of any real estate broker.

2- Knowing the detailed information about the property before offering the property for sale or rent, and visiting the property personally, conducting a study of its type, location and area, as well as making sure of its price compared to similar units in the same area, as well as maintenance fees, taking notes of it, and photographing it from the inside And abroad, as if he is one who wants to buy.

3- Knowing how to deal with the public in a sophisticated, convincing and welcoming manner issued with investors and the public, and being aware of any details requested by the customer.

4- Exhibiting cooperation with others and agreeing with them in a fair way, so that the mediator does justice to himself, as well as fairness to the other party.

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5- Commitment to deadlines with dealers, whether by handing over the real estate unit or terminating contracts.

6- Not to give false promises with the aim of achieving additional profits, such as presenting unreal temptations to facilitate sales operations, such as a promise to lease a residential unit in large amounts, at higher than market prices.

7- Offer suitable alternatives that are attractive to customers, and provide investment opportunities at reasonable prices when buying or selling to dealers, in addition to knowing and determining the appropriate time for buying and selling.

8- Familiarity with all real estate legislation in the market that regulates trades, and to be constantly aware of the amendments made from time to time to avoid any violations.

9- After-sales service, which is more important than the sale process itself, because that builds bridges of trust between brokers and dealers. All real estate brokers have real estate, but what distinguishes a good broker is the service it provides to the customer.

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