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70 artists trace “the self” in the time of “Corona” and technology – our life – culture

“Self Time” is the title of the collective artistic experience hosted by “Jameel Arts”, which includes works by about 70 artists from around the world, and revolves around the identity of the individual in the current society, in which technology dominates all its aspects, including the social.

The exhibition, which continues until the end of next April, deals with the condition of the individual as part of a society whose life is based on the Internet, as the works present the idea of ​​pumping a large amount of information through the Internet, which represents the human being with all his ideas, and thus this process becomes like extracting a part of the human being to be present in every Anywhere and anywhere, independently of the five senses.

The exhibition draws attention to how the Corona pandemic affects the world approaching faster than the depth of a century

The 21st, asking a set of questions about why it feels so strange about what is going on in the human mind? And if he is eligible to change so quickly? And what if the uniqueness – and the audience – were to mutate into something else?


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The exhibition is curated by Chaumon Pasar, Douglas Copeland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and developed by its graphic design, Dali & Lyon, and includes more than 70 visual works in the branches of art, design, cinematography, photography, performance and electronic music.

On the details of this exhibition, Chomon Basar said,

To “Emirates Today”: “The exhibition started from the idea of ​​the book that was issued in 2015 and entitled (The Extremist Self), and it talks about the changes that happen with time and how the world has changed. The book carries with it short texts with pictures from artists, and it has a lot of feelings. About what happened in 2016, and therefore the exhibition was special in terms of the experience it reflects. ”

Data and information

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Shomon pointed out that the important thing after 2016, is what each person believes, and how these beliefs have been translated into data and information, and thus this data led to the building of a new future. He pointed out that people maintain certain customs and beliefs, including, for example, caring for family, loving people, and living in peace, for they are things that remain forever and do not change, but what has actually changed is technology, humans have invented technology and this technology changes what is inside people, and there is always What is like a channel between the things that people create and how it affects them, when media was invented primarily through publications, it created a major transformation in the global community, as ideas became able to travel around the world, and at each stage there is a new technology for communication, and later after Newspapers followed, then radio, television and the Internet. At every stage a new media is created, but it works from a design perspective.

People stories

He noted that every person can be an independent journalist, and that is why it can be said that in the current era, due to social media, there are more than seven billion media professionals around the world, because the media is the way in which we tell stories about ourselves, and we as human beings have a distinct relationship with ourselves in Telling stories about ourselves and where we go back in the future, and this is what we offer through the platforms. He considered the media as a means that can communicate people’s stories, along with literature, art and theater, stressing that tens of years ago media was a newspaper, but then television was looked at, and today there is social communication, and everyone can be his own platform, and this Find a big difference in the form of the media, and in what data is presented via the Internet.

Different environments

Regarding the selection of works, Shomon pointed out that he was interested in choosing without having any kind of special judgment on the work, as the artists in the exhibition belong to different cultural environments and affiliations, and for this one must be honest with himself, noting that it is very important to present multiple experiences In common and difference points, because globalization can make the world a lot alike.


As for the challenges that accompanied the preparation for the exhibition during “Corona”, he pointed out that the pandemic had altered dealing with all aspects of life, and therefore all the stories of our lives had changed in order to deal with the current situation. All events imposed a new equation in dealing with all the daily details that have become confusing. To people. He concluded his speech by praising the importance of the exhibition in the region, especially with “Jameel Arts” in Dubai, the fact that Dubai is a city that has changed rapidly and is in a state of permanent change, and that is why it is a technological city that closely resembles what the exhibition presents.

The ‘extreme self’

The exhibition “Self Time” presents a glimpse and preliminary presentation of the new book “The Extremist Self” by authors Shomon Pasar, Copeland and Obrist, at the Jameel Arts Center, where attendees can wander between the ground and second floors of the exhibition, and enjoy 13 mysterious chapters that reshape your inner world, at a time. In it the outside world became murky and more turbulent. The exhibition includes films, costumes, models and installations, and all forms of extreme self-expression.

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