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7 quick and delicious pasta – everyday saviors finish in a quarter – Canteen

Easy and quick pastas are a great choice when you need to get food to the table quickly. Ingredient lists also don’t cause a headache as these pastas are made from simple ingredients.

We put together seven simple and tasty pasta recipes to ease the hustle and bustle of everyday life and feed stunted bellies. We chose suitable recipes for both vegetarians and mixed eaters. These dishes are prepared in a quarter and the ingredient lists are short.

These are real everyday saves! You can vary the recipes to your liking.

All instructions are for four people.

Zucchini pesto and pasta

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Cheese and pepper

Garlic butter pasta


Smoked fish pasta

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Paprikainen chorizopasta

Pasta carbonara

Degrees better everyday food

In addition to pasta, traditional home-made dishes tend to be delicious everyday dishes with a little tuning. The sausage sauce gets a kick out of the chili and the oven egg uses the vegetables or cheese leftover in the fridge.

Also, try how the twinkling familiar potatoes, chicken and apples bend into easy treats with a few tricks and are anything but boring.

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