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60 positions to be filled at Clever Connect, a company in “hyper-growth”

Behind a term that may seem a little barbaric, there is a booming sector: “HR Tech” puts all the digital tools at the service of human resources. And in this area, one of the best positioned companies in France is called Clever Connect. “Our customers are businesses,” explains its president, Marko Vujasinovic, at the microphone of Europe 1. Companies that the company, which already employs 150 people, directs to the right profiles. To continue its development, it is now looking for new “talents”.

Work-study programs or internships “which are pre-hires”

“We have already recruited 30 people in the first quarter, we are still recruiting 60”, details Marko Vujasinovic. “We are a hyper-growing company so we have a lot of recruitments to do. 80% of them are on permanent contracts and 20% are internships or work-study programs, but which are in fact pre-hires.”

The company seeks to recruit in two areas: “profiles in tech, such as computer engineers or data scientists”, rather in Paris, Lille or La Rochelle, but also sales representatives “throughout France and internationally “. “We are particularly looking for people to develop in Germany,” said the president.

“People who want to get involved in a team project”

On the training side, Clever Connect is not very straddling diplomas. “We are looking for people who have a personality, it is more important for us than the formation”, affirms Marko Vujasinovic. A personality that must include a “sense of responsibility, because we are going to entrust them with important missions”, but also “a lot of positive energy, because we have an enormous development challenge”.

Clever Connect seeks, in short, “people who want to get involved in a team project”, on all fronts: the employees who have been in the company for more than two years are all shareholders of the company.

Offers in detail

How many offers? 60 positions

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What positions? IT engineer, data scientist, sales (and some needs in the marketing and financial sectors)

When? Right now

Or ? Everywhere in France, but also elsewhere in Europe

Which profiles? “Talents”, personality counting more than training

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What types of contract? 80% permanent contracts, 20% work-study or trainees

Where to apply On the Clever connect website, recruitment section

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