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35-year-old women are mainly satisfied with their sex life – four common reasons for reluctance were found – Sex & Relationship

Stress, lack of time, children and work are most often the cause of sexual reluctance.

Three four out of 35 Finnish women are happy with their sex lives. The corona epidemic has not significantly affected the matter, according to a cohort study of Northern Finland conducted by the University of Oulu.

In Oulu and Helsinki, an exceptionally extensive study has been underway for almost a year to find out the factors that affect women’s well-being and reproductive health.

More than 4,500 women born in northern Finland in 1986, whose health has been monitored since birth, have been invited to the study.

Preliminary results reveal that 75 percent of women are happy with their sex lives. The corona epidemic has not been significantly affected.

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Every second woman has sex at least once a week, although one-fifth repeatedly experiences sexual reluctance. Women report the most common causes of reluctance as stress, lack of time, children, and work.

As a contraception, a 35-year-old Finnish woman most often uses a condom, the next most common method is the hormone coil. 60% of women have resorted to contraception at some point in their lives.

– Such an extensive study of women’s health has not been conducted in Finland before. Some of the women in the cohort have since moved all over Finland, mainly to the Helsinki metropolitan area, which is why we have set up research points at both Oulu University Hospital and the Helsinki Women’s Clinic, says chief researcher of women’s health research, professor of gynecology Terhi Piltonen From the University of Oulu.

Coronavirus pandemic has also brought challenges to research. In the midst of exceptional circumstances, the importance of conducting research is emphasized, while at the same time offering a rare opportunity to gather information on women’s health and lives during a pandemic.

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To date, more than 750 women have participated in the study.

The study found that gynecological ailments are common in women. For example, the criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are met by 14 percent based on a specialist study, but only 6 percent report a previous diagnosis of PCOS.

– Our team is working shoulder to shoulder to ensure that the final results of the study also find their way widely into public awareness to promote the health of all women, says Piltonen.

The Helsinki research point will close in the early summer and the entire research project will be completed next year. The research results are published in national and international publication series.

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