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3 accused seizing two million dirhams of fraud – localities – accidents and cases

A partial civil court ruled in the courts of Ras Al Khaimah obliging three (Arab) defendants to pay two million dirhams to Gulf citizens who had been fraudulently seized, and ordered them to be obliged to pay legal interest 9% moral and material compensation for the damages suffered from him from the date of filing the lawsuit until the date of payment.

In detail, Khaleeji filed a civil lawsuit demanding that the three defendants be obligated to pay him two million dirhams, and the legal interest of 12%, which they seized fraudulently by impersonating them as public servants.

The police seized money, cars, movables, goldsmiths and transfers of large sums through a money exchange company, as a result of the fraud.

The Criminal Court ruled that the defendants were convicted by imprisoning each one of them for six months, and deported from the state after the execution of the punishment, and the prosecutor’s attorney requested the imposition of precautionary seizure on all funds, cars and movables that were reserved in the Public Prosecution investigations, and the seizure of funds, deposits and personal accounts of the defendants in all banks in the state. .

According to the merits of a partial civil court ruling, whoever seizes something unlawfully must return it to its owner with the gains or benefits he has reaped, and the judge may compensate the rightful owner for what the clerk has shortened in his side, following up that the criminal judgment condemned one of the defendants by giving the plaintiff two checks from Without balance and fraud, as he bought for the value of the two checks goods for himself and disbursed them for his own account.

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She clarified that the court established that the defendants had unjustly seized two million dirhams from the plaintiff’s funds, and that this did not criticize the defendant’s defense and his request to reject the case because it was not proven that they had the money or his request to refer the case to investigation to prove their innocence from receiving the plaintiff’s money, and the papers are empty of evidence. On the defendant’s receipt of the sums claimed.

The court obliged the defendants to pay the plaintiff two million dirhams and rejected all other requests, noting that it set the value of the legal interest for the plaintiff at 9% and that it should be considered from the date of filing the lawsuit until the date of payment, provided that it does not exceed the principal of the adjudged debt, and from the plaintiff’s request for civil and moral compensation. The court considers that the legal interest is in and of itself a compensation for the material and moral damages suffered by the plaintiff, and that the benefit it has decided is sufficient to redress the damages sustained by the plaintiff.

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