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250 dirhams fees for educational professions examinations in the country – local – education

The Ministry of Education stated that the fees for educational professions licensing exams are 250 dirhams, and are paid for one chance from each test required to license one of the target groups, and to repeat the complete set of tests that were not passed before September 2019, including a professional and specialized test for teachers of the second and third cycle, and the test Professional, language and numeracy skills for early childhood teachers, and first-time driving tests.

The ministry added on its website that in the event of a desire to enter one test or perform the evaluation alone or repeat, the prescribed fees are 100 dirhams, in addition to the procedures for the equivalence and certification of the certificates of administrative and teaching bodies, pointing out that the school professions license is a requirement for workers in educational professions, including The librarian, the laboratory secretary, the special needs specialist, the professional academic advisor, the guidance and counseling specialist, in addition to the teacher’s assistant, and the school leadership license, which is a requirement for practicing any profession related to school leaders as a school principal or deputy headmaster. Approval procedures.

Also, obtaining a license is a requirement to practice the profession of teacher for all teachers of school subjects, teachers of class subjects, and language teachers, and then launched a licensing system for workers in the educational sector. The license for educational professions is a requirement for licensing education professionals in the UAE since the end of 2020, and this will contribute to the development of These professions will ensure high-quality performance in the educational system, as it will provide workers in the educational sector with a high level of knowledge and competence in order to compete globally.

The ministry stressed that obtaining a professional license is a prerequisite for practicing the teaching profession starting next year, and it is mandatory for all workers in the education sector, and the license targets all workers in the educational sector, whether teachers or school directors at different levels and their deputies, in addition to middle leaders and unit heads, The Professional Licensing Initiative aims to raise the efficiency and standards used in the UAE, based on its vision for education and excellence.
The Department of Educational Professions Licenses has set procedures for the equivalence and certification of teachers ’certificates, explaining that the certification is for documents and academic qualifications issued by private higher education institutions accredited by the ministry in the country.

It includes 10 steps, which are creating an account and logging in on the website, then filling out the application electronically, completing the payment process, receiving the transaction, checking documents and saving the application data in the electronic program, in addition to certifying the documents and academic qualifications and signing them by the center employee, and in case they are The transaction requires correspondence. The employee corresponds with the cultural attachés and state embassies abroad, and then receives the response, and sends it to accredited higher education institutions within the country to complete the student admission procedures, and a decision is made regarding the transaction (ratification / apology), and then the transaction is completed and the customer service centers are informed. Electronically to the customer directly.

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With regard to the qualification equivalency service issued by higher education institutions accredited outside the country, it is compared to the educational ladder in the country, making sure of the validity of these qualifications and the accreditation of the institution granting the qualification, and the extent to which the qualification matches the standards applied by the Ministry and internationally recognized standards, and the steps to complete the transaction are: The same steps mentioned for authentication except for filling out the application electronically, visiting the Customer Happiness Center, and submitting the required documents.

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