Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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2128 new cases of “Corona”, 2262 cases of recovery, and 6 deaths – local – health

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced that 236,782 examinations had been carried out during the past 24 hours on various groups in society using the latest examination techniques, in line with its plan to expand the scope of examinations in the country with the aim of early detection and counting the new cases infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19) and those who had contact with them and isolate them. .

The intensification of the examination procedures contributed to the detection of 2,128 new cases of infection with the Coronavirus of different nationalities, all of which are stable and subject to health care, bringing the total of registered cases to 450,765 cases.

The Ministry reported that 2,262 new cases had been cured of those infected with the virus, and that it fully recovered from the symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care since entering the hospital, thus bringing the total of recovery cases to 434,35 cases.

And it announced the death of six infected cases as a result of the repercussions of infection with the virus, bringing the number of deaths in the country to 1472 cases.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the provision of 69,142 doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine during the past 24 hours, thus bringing the total of the doses that were provided to seven million and 799 thousand and 517 doses, and the rate of distribution of the vaccine 78.86 doses per 100 people.

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This comes in line with the ministry’s plan to provide the “Covid-19” vaccine and in an effort to reach the acquired immunity resulting from the vaccination, which will help reduce the number of cases and control the “Covid-19” virus.

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