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2020, a record year for fiber in France

Perhaps thanks to confinement, the year 2020 marked a record increase in the deployment of optical fiber in France, where the number of very high-speed subscribers now reaches 14.7 million, according to data released Thursday by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (Arcep). “During the fourth quarter, the growth in the number of very high-speed subscriptions accelerated” with “1.1 million additional accesses”, according to Arcep.

14.7 million subscriptions

“The number of very high-speed subscriptions has now reached 14.7 million”, an increase of nearly 3.3 million (+ 29%) compared to the end of 2019, according to Arcep. The total number of very high and high speed subscriptions reached 30.6 million, “ie (…) an increase of 2.7% over one year” which “had not been observed for 3 years” , notes Arcep.

On the fiber installation side, operator deployments have reached “unprecedented levels” so far, Arcep said.
In 2020, operators made more than 5.8 million new premises accessible to fiber, a clear acceleration compared to 2019 when they made 4.9 million premises accessible. In total, as of December 30, 24.2 million premises were therefore now eligible for fiber offers in France, an increase of 31% in one year, according to Arcep.

Bringing back the digital divide

“The mobilization of the State alongside local authorities and operators is reducing the digital divide a little further every day”, welcomed the Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O. But “we remain vigilant because the site is not completed and many territories remain to be covered “indicated the Secretary of State.

The government “recently increased its support for investments by local authorities by providing an additional 570 million euros to ensure the generalization of fiber optic networks in all territories, including the most rural”, he added. . The government is posting the objective of a fully fiber-reinforced France by 2025.

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