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148 schools and 3,256 classes closed, figures up sharply

According to the latest figures from National Education, the Covid-19 epidemic is accelerating in French schools. More than 21,000 students have tested positive.
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The Covid-19 epidemic is progressing in schools. More and more schools and classes are closed in France, indicate the latest figures released on Friday March 26 by the Ministry of National Education. 148 schools are currently closed because of the epidemic, which represents 0.24% of the 61,500 structures in the country. The number of infected students has increased from more than 15,000 to more than 21,000.

In detail, 116 schools, 22 colleges and 10 high schools are closed. According to figures released in previous weeks, there were 80 school structures (schools, colleges and high schools) closed a week ago, 30 structures closed two weeks ago. It is the academy of Créteil which is currently experiencing the most closures with 17 closed establishments. The Aix-Marseille and Toulouse academies follow with 13 structures closed in connection with the Covid. The Créteil academy is also the one with the most closed classes: 536.

In establishments that remain open, 3,256 classes are closed due to Covid-19 out of the 528,400 classes in France, or 0.6%. This number is up from the 2,018 classes closed a week ago, and the 833 classes closed two weeks ago. Side students, 21,183 students were infected out of a total of 12,400,000, a rate of 0.17% (against 0.13% a week ago), said the ministry in a press release. On the personal side, the number of people infected is also up from 1,809 to 2,515, ie a rate of 0.22%. Last week, out of 320,285 tests offered, 200,404 tests were performed, and were found to be 0.49% positive.

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