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137 works adorn the screens of Sharjah and its effects during Ramadan – Our Life – Entities

The Sharjah Broadcasting Corporation unveiled a program that is the largest and most diverse this year, to satisfy the tastes of the small screen audience in Ramadan, through 137 different works, varying between series and religious, entertainment, social and cultural programs.

The Director General of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, Muhammad Hassan Khalaf, confirmed that “the program session is the largest compared to the previous ones,” noting that challenging the difficulties in selecting and implementing program ideas under the current circumstances contributed to raising the level of work teams ’keenness to accomplish in record time and with quality. High, which led to the success in implementing the Ramadan cycle programs, within the usual annual vision of the commission to intensify the cultural and dramatic content, and to provide a programmatic panorama rich in its content and diversity, given the spiritual atmosphere that permeates the presence of families in homes during most times of the holy month.

He said: “During the preparation of the Ramadan season’s programs for this year, we were keen to continue to consolidate the media identity that characterizes Sharjah’s channels and radio stations, whose work has become anticipated by the public. In addition to attracting viewers who trust in Sharjah’s vision towards upgrading the media discourse, and its inclusion of cultural and enlightening messages, while preserving the spirit of art and creativity, and all that the viewer is looking for in terms of amazement and taste satisfaction.

Arab drama

The audience will be on a date with a number of Arab drama stars, who are participating in new series, which are broadcast on the channels and stations of the Sharjah Broadcasting Corporation and Television. Among the most prominent of them are Jamal Suleiman, Samiha Ayoub, Ayman Zaidan, Rashid Assaf and Sulaf Fawakherji, in addition to the artists Saad Al-Faraj, Jasim Al-Nabhan, Muhammad Al-Mansour, Ilham Al-Fadala, Haya Abdel Salam, Mona Hussein, Buthaina Al-Raisi and Hassan Mahdi.

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Sharjah channels and radio stations offer a package of social, cultural and religious programs, ranging from competitions, awareness programs, education and lighting to folk literature and local heritage, prepared and presented by a group of media professionals who have experience in forming a connection with the public with their distinctive programs.

For his part, the director of Sharjah TV, Salem Ali Al Ghaithi, explained that the programmatic map of Sharjah TV for the new Ramadan season includes 23 works, including five series, including cartoon work, and 18 programs from local production, aiming to achieve maximum benefit and enjoyment for different segments of viewers.

He said: “Among the competition programs with a sober scientific and cultural horizon, Sharjah TV will present the Knowledge Cup program in Ramadan, which provides information in the form of competitions in various life paths, and during which students of the emirate’s universities compete and broadcast live in the evening throughout the days of the blessed month of Ramadan, with three episodes. Additional broadcasts are carried out on Eid days.

The drama is present this Ramadan on Sharjah TV through several works, including the series “Peacock” by Raouf Abdel Aziz, starring Jamal Suleiman and Sahar Al-Sayegh, and “Al-Kandoush” starring Slaf Fawakherji and Ayman Zaidan.

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The Gulf drama continues its presence, as Sharjah TV presents the Gulf series “Matar Summer”, which co-stars Saad Al-Faraj, Nour, Hassan Mahdi and Hessa Al-Nabhan.

As for the second Gulf series, it bears the name “Al-Namoos”, starring Muhammad Al-Mansour, Jasim Al-Nabhan, Haifa Adel, Khaled Amin and Buthaina Al-Raisi.

Al-Wusta TV from Al-Dhaid will show the Bedouin series “Jalmud Al-Sahari”, starring Juliette Awad, Ola Daadin, Muhammad Al-Majali, Munthir Rayahneh and Abeer Issa.

Al-Wusta TV also shows the series “Saqqar”, which stars Rashid Assaf, Qamar Khalaf, Jamal Al-Ali, Rana Al-Abyad, and Rawaa Yassin.

As for the Al-Sharqiya channel from Kalba, it shows its viewers in the new session five new series, “Al-Rouh wa Al-Rayyah”, which is starring Abdullah Al-Turkmani, Wahba Al-Duri, Reem Arhama and Iman Al-Husseini. As for the series “Amina Haf”, it stars Ilham Al-Fadala, Taif, Abdullah Al-Talehi and in Al-Sharqawi.

While he is participating in the series “Pulse Mu’taqim” Haya Abdel Salam, Maytham Badr, Hanadi Al Kandari and Shehab Jawhar, in addition to the series “I Love You After”, which stars Fahd Abdul Mohsen, Hussein Al Mahdi, Buthaina Al Raisi and Mays Qamar. The channel also shows the cartoon series “Mashael Al-Nour.”

“Khattar Al-Hana”

Sharjah Radio prepared for its Ramadan listeners 50 different works, between programs and series. In the field of drama, the radio receives Ramadan with three series, among them “Khattar Al Hana”, which brings together a constellation of UAE and Gulf artists, namely: Ahmed Al Jasmi, Marwan Abdullah, Khalil Al Rumaithi, Adel Al Jawhar, and Malak Al Khalidi.

Muhammad Hassan Khalaf:

• «The works contain cultural and enlightening messages, while preserving the spirit of art and creativity, and all that the viewer is looking for from astonishment.

Programs varying between competitions, awareness, education and lighting on folk literature and local heritage.

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