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116-year prisoner Shayene “ShAy” Victorion Instagram amazes – dozens of holiday photos free – Esports

Shayene Victorio, who received a long sentence last spring, has filled her Instagram with lavish holiday photos, but at the same time is silent about her situation.

Last spring, a former Counter-Strike player Shayene ”shAy” Victorion the long 116-year sentence he received rose to headlines around the world.

Victorio from Brazil immediately denied his guilt and said he complained. He has not given any interviews or commented on the matter since then. No news has been found in the Brazilian media since last March to see if Victorio got through his complaint or whether it is still being processed.

Something however, clues to the woman’s current situation have been received. YouTube channel Sports Talk recently released a video about Victoria, who has been active on Instagram for the past year.

Since his conviction, he has uploaded dozens of images to the service that have allowed him to enjoy life on a free foot. In many photos, Victorio is out with his friends or enjoying life on a pleasure boat. Alongside posing in several pictures is this boyfriend, a football player Jean Paulo Fernandes Filho.

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The latest picture of him posing with Filho and glowing his love has been uploaded on Valentine’s Day. On Thursday (March 25) of this week, the woman’s Instagram account disappeared for a while for one reason or another, but on Friday night it was found on the service again.

Victoriota The background to this special case is 2013-17. According to the Brazilian Police’s Organized Crime Unit, Victorio was one of the owners and e-commerce manager of the fraudulent company. The company did not ship products ordered by customers or return money.

The woman was on the loose throughout the investigation and was not imprisoned even after the verdict. He immediately said that he was complaining about it. At the time, he pleaded guilty to the business owners, i.e. his father and ex-boyfriend.

The woman’s 116-year sentence, of which she would have served no more than 30 years under Brazilian law, was considered an exaggeration. The scams manufactured by the company were worth just over $ 10,000.

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11 years In her racing career, the 28-year-old woman represented the women’s teams of well-known Brazilian organizations MIBR, Pain and Keyd Stars, among others.

Victoria had 93,000 followers on Instagram before the account was deleted. He has 34,000 fans on Twitter and 38,000 on Twitch. He has streamed very rarely over the past year.

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