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1100 dirhams fine for a father beating his son – local – accidents and cases

The Fujairah Appeals Court fined a Gulf father of 1100 dirhams for assaulting his son’s safety and causing injuries to him that prevented him from carrying out his personal work for a period not exceeding 20 days, after the victim’s mother confirmed the assault on her son in two videos.

In detail, the mother of the victim submitted a report stating that her son was beaten by his father repeatedly and intermittently, confirming that the accused does not live with them in the house, as she was divorced from him some time ago, but every time he tries to harm her children, by hitting them in a very harmful way Causing them injuries.

The mother of the victim said, according to the investigations of the Public Prosecution, that the accused hit her son hard on his face, neck and shoulder, with his hand, so he had abrasions and redness in both cheeks and the right forearm, which are fixed injuries on the medical examination form.

When asked about the victim in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, he said: “My father assaulted me strongly because of a disagreement between me and my little sister, as he slapped me several times on the face and shoulder,” affirming that the accused repeatedly assaulted him and his sister.

With the question of the accused about the accusation against him, he denied, saying: “I received a call from my daughter telling me that her brother had beaten her, so I went home and calmed her down, and I did not assault the victim,” indicating that there are family problems between him and the complainant.

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By showing the court two video clips, proving that the accused assaulted his son, he admitted that he was among the people appearing in the two videos, but they preceded the date of the incident by one month.

The Fujairah Court of First Instance ruled that the accused be punished with the indictment and Article 212 of the Federal Criminal Procedure Law. Given the circumstances and circumstances of the case, and because of the family relationship of the accused and the victim, the accused had been subjected to sufficient measures to deter him from repeating such a crime, the court decided to suspend the execution of the sentence Imprisonment only against the accused, without the fine, pursuant to Articles 83 and 84 of the Federal Penal Code.

On the other hand, the Appeals Court upheld the fine ruling, and canceled the suspended one-month prison sentence.

• The son confirmed that his father assaulted him forcefully, due to a dispute between him and his sister.

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