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This is what the angry soloist of Blind Channel looked like a few years ago – sang a bow around his neck in the band Mammanpojat – Eurovision Song Contest

Niko Vilhelm Moilanen, a short-haired bow neck, sang in the mothers’ boys.

26.2. 9:16

New music The members of Blind Channel, who won the competition and will represent Finland at Eurovision in May, found each other and their own style of music at Madetoja Music High School in Oulu.

High school students who have represented different styles of music have since honed themselves into energetic performers of their own genre, which they call violent pop.

Teachers at Madetoja High School of Music Anne Ålander and Johanna Kemppainen remember the five original members of the band as happy, active and talented students. The memory has permanently left behind how a rapper dressed in oversized clothes and long-haired rockers found each other.

Niko Vilhelm Moilanen sang in my two vocal ensembles. Joonas Porko again was in high school the first year in my mixed choir. All the boys I taught music known song and call rates, and the pair also taught music theory, acting artistic director of the high school Kemppainen says.

Teachers of Madetoja Music High School Anne Ålander (right) and Johanna Kemppainen.­

Blind Channel was founded in Oulu in 2013, when Joel Hokka and Joonas Porko wrote as students. The following year, Niko Vilhelm Moilanen received the student cap. In 2015, they were still completed Tommi Lalli and Olli Matela.

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Teachers think finding their own style and composition of music during high school is the sum of many factors. High school is an important period in life. At the age of 15-19, they look for their own personality and grow up together with friends.

– In the high school of music, the pedagogical idea starts from diversity. Singing and playing are important, but music theory and history are also covered. When the bottom is in order, young people can find their own, personal path. And then when that own path is found, it goes just like with the Blind Channel, a common tone is found, Ålander points out.

Other pups of the Madetoja star factory include Summer Steel neck, Saara Aalto and Ellinoora Leikas.

Teachers I am particularly reminded of Madis ’Mammanpojat band, which performed Love performance in 2013. In the performance, Niko Vilhelm sings in a short hair, a bow on his neck and a piece on his back made a piece made familiar by Pelle Miljoona I want to make love to you.

Kemppainen and Ålander are still in contact with Blind Channel members. The news is exchanged at a fast pace. The members of the Mom Boys are also still in contact with each other. All the singers have continued to make music and some sing in choirs.

Kemppainen has saved the Messeger message he received from Niko Vilhelmi:

“For me and us, the most important thing at Madetoja High School was the common spirit between all the students and teachers. . “

Teachers think it’s important that current students have role models like Blind Channel that openly communicate their own starting points.

– Boys are of great importance to today’s high school students. They are from Haukiputa and say it. They seem to be able to strive for success from anywhere. The role of strong role models is great.

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