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The daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman poses in a rare image – this is what Bella, 28, who avoids publicity, looks like – Entertainment

The daughter of a former Hollywood star couple lives a very different life than her parents. Bella, 28, thrives away from the public spotlight.

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Tom Cruisen and Nicole Kidmanin daughter Isabella “Bella” Cruise, 28, is a rare sight in public. Cruise has stayed away from the limelight all her life and also avoids revealing very much of her life on social media.

This week, however, Cruise released a rare picture of himself on Instagram. Usually known as an artist, Cruise mainly publishes pictures of his works of art on his account, but now he poses in his latest picture himself.

In a black and white image, Cruise looks directly at the camera wearing winter clothes. In the caption, he briefly states “the same face” and advertises his new art posters.

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Cruise’s previous selfie was released last September, but in it he posed in sunglasses covering his face.

Peoplen according to Cruise currently works as an artist and has her own BKC clothing brand. She has also worked in fashion in the past.

Bella Cruise is the eldest child of her actress parents. He lives a very ordinary and peaceful life near London in Croydon with his wife Max Parkerin with. The couple’s wedding was spectacularly covered in 2015, but otherwise very little information about Cruise’s private life has seeped into the public eye.

According to press reports, Cruise is, like his father, an active member of the Church of Scientology. A couple of years ago, he wrote a public letter in which he thanked the founders of the Church of Scientology and his father for finding direction in his life.

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– This was exactly what I needed. This is what I’ve been looking for. Missing piece. Suddenly everything makes sense, Bella Cruise wrote in 2019.

Cruise’s mother Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, is known to treat the Church of Scientology chilly. According to rumors, Cruise and his brother Connorin belonging to the Scientology community has distanced the actor from his children.

Religion is suspected to have been part of the reason for the divorce of Tom Cruise and Kidman in 2001. The couple adopted Bella and Connor after marrying in 1990.

Kidman has been very quiet about his relationship with his children and rarely talked about them in interviews. In 2018, he stated to an Australian Who Magazinellethat he wants to keep the matter private in the future as well.

– I have to protect those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give my life for my kids because that’s my purpose, Kidman told the magazine.

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