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Ten restaurants to celebrate the Day of Andalusia … when you can

On Sunday, February 28, the Day of Andalusia is celebrated. A day in Andalusia in which the rest of the Spaniards can barely count the days until we can return to this wonderful Community. Meanwhile, as soar is free, we are going to review ten Andalusian restaurants that are always worth a visit and to which, as soon as they leave us, we will return, as Schwarzenegger announced in Terminator.

Appointing (Francisco Cossi Ochoa, s/n, The Port of Santa Mara, Cdiz. Phone: 956 851 870). One of the greats of Andalusia, Spain, Europe and the world. With his research on unknown marine products, his application of new techniques, his tireless search for recyclables for discards, and his fierce struggle for sustainability, ngel Len has given a new meaning to the concept of cuisine from the sea. We will have to see with what surprises us in the new season.

Quisquillas from Motril with pickled partridge from ‘Bag’.

Bag (Grate of the Chapel, 3, Jan. Phone: 953 047 450). The tiny Jaen restaurant of the unrepeatable Pedrito Snchez has become one of the great jewels of Andalusian gastronomy. Its creative cuisine with local seasonal products has conquered a legion of faithful, with dishes such as the prawns from Motril in pickled partridge, the buuelo de carrueco (pumpkin stew typical of the province of Jan) or the kid’s kidney with caviar .

Bardal (Jos Aparicio, 1, Ronda, Malaga. Phone: 951 489 828). On March 3, the 2021 season starts from a restaurant located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. There, Benito Gmez, a Catalan with an Andalusian soul, practices a cuisine brimming with personality and stands out for the risks he takes, of which he almost always succeeds with a note. In memory, the oyster with colored butter and the dishes with goat. Magnificent room service in a modern and minimalist place.

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Russian salad from 'Chinch
Russian salad from ‘Chinchn Puerto’.

Chinchn Port (Port of Caleta de Vlez, local 3A and 4A, Caleta de Vlez, Mlaga. Phone: 952 03 04 43). The restaurant run by Sebastin Martn and Lourdes Villalobos, a few meters from the La Caleta fish market, pays homage to the Mediterranean, whether it is large baked or grilled fish, just blanched seafood, fried foods … San Sebastián Gastronomika edition was chosen the best in Spain 2020.

FM (Avenida Juan Pablo II, 54, Granada. Phone: 958 157 004). On the outskirts of the Nasrid capital, it is not exactly what can be defined as a luxury restaurant but rather a very informal tavern. But that does not matter to the foodies who fill it one day and the next also to the call of the best products that can be obtained in the Motril fish market (prawns, crayfish, prawns), irreproachable fried foods and a world salad. By the way, the name does not pay tribute to radio, but responds to the initials of the boss, Francisco Martin.

Jos Carlos Garca.
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Jos Carlos Garcia (Chapel Square, Muelle Uno, Port of Mlaga). In a privileged location, the chef who gives the restaurant its name, trained in the mythical Caf de Pars (which he currently runs) revisits the traditional gastronomy of Malaga, enriching it from technique and with the contribution of cosmopolitan touches, but, yes, always respecting the product as much as possible.

The Sailors Jos (Paseo Martimo Rey de Espaa, 161, Fuengirola, Malaga). More than a beach bar, which can almost be considered such because it is on the beach, it is a museum of the Mediterranean Sea. Live seafood, fresh baked wild fish or monumental fried foods allow you to indulge in an unforgettable ichthyphago tribute … each at the level that your budget allows.

L, Kitchen and Soul.

L, Kitchen and Soul (Zaragoza, 2, Jerez de la Frontera, Cdiz. Phone: 695 408 481). Chef de Appointing For many years, Juanlu Fernández became independent to settle in his hometown, in a place with open kitchen designed by the Mexican Jean Porsche, where he has given free rein to his creativity and his passion for classic French techniques, which he combined in an exceptional way with the pantry of Cadiz, in particular, and Andalusian, in general: by way of declaration of intentions, Long live France Y The Gran Voyage their two long tasting mens are called. How could it be otherwise, outstanding generous letter.

Noor (Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 6, Crdoba. Phone: 957 964 055). Noor means light in Arabic. And a lot of light is what chef Paco Morales has been contributing to world gastronomy for a long time, who after various successful projects throughout the Spanish geography returned to his hometown to set up an avant-garde dining room in which recover the traditional recipes of l-Andalus from a technically and aesthetically avant-garde perspective. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is a little work of art in itself, and sometimes it’s even worth taking them apart to eat … but the sense of guilt fades when one explosion of flavors occurs after another.


Tablecloths (Colombia, 7, Sevilla. Phone: 955 546 451). In 2020, chef Camila Ferraro became the first woman to be recognized, in 18 editions, with the Revelation Chef Award granted each year by the Madrid Fusin Gastronomic Congress, thanks to her work in the restaurant. Tablecloths, which he inaugurated in October 2018 with sommelier Robert Tits. In keeping with new trends, a place without formalities where traditional cuisine, adapted to current times and sifted by the overwhelming personality of the cook, is the protagonist. The adjusted prices are another of its incentives.

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