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Levante and Athletic leave everything for the Cup | LaLiga Santander 2020

Saturday, February 27, 2021 – 00:22

Roger and Ral Garca’s penalty goals lead to a draw between two teams with their minds set on their vital match next Thursday

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Morales (i) fights with defender Ander Capa for the ball.

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When the game ended, the Levante and Athletic players greeted each other and said “see you soon.” In six days, same team and same setting, but incomparable prize. While this Friday only three points were distributed, which were two because the thing ended in a draw, next Thursday what will be at stake is a ticket for the final of the Copa del Rey. And if everything were to end then as in this league match, the extension will be forced, because after the 1-1 cupbearer in San Mams came the 1-1 league in the Ciutat.

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It was a paradoxical draw, since perhaps Athletic thinks that on the field it deserved something more, because it was more courageous and offensive than its rival. But, at the same time, the Levant left angry because Ral Garca I placed the equalizer thanks to a penalty that the granota, quite rightly, put into question. The referee pointed this out and the VAR did not reject him, because it is not his function to evaluate a play in which it is not clear whether there is contact or not. In actions like the one they starred in Vukcevic Y Berenguer the referee’s criteria prevail. If he had said there was nothing, they would not have corrected him from above either. Like more or less, be more or less fair, but that’s how the invention works.

Much earlier, after the first hour, Levante had gone ahead thanks to another penalty. This one, unlike the later one, admit no doubt. Victor repeated sin of youth with a reckless pass, Of Fruits I made the race towards Simn Y Nose I measured badly when trying to stop him: I did not touch the ball and I did the player. Roger Mart He did not fail from eleven meters, giving Levante an advantage that he did not expect, since Athletic had been the dominating team in the opening minutes.

A more defensive Levante

Parapet in a 5-4-1, more defensive than usual, the team of Paco Lopez it closed the way of the goal to a purposeful and intense Athletic but lacking precision in the final meters. Despite its greater dominance, the set of Marcelino He had only gotten close to the goal on two plays in the first 10 minutes, one of them canceled by an offside very just after Muniain send the ball to the post.

The game continued to advance without much history until eight minutes after the restart came the action that marked the game. Berenguer stole the wallet from Coke and then Vukcevic sought clearance, in an action that the referee considered a penalty. Replays suggest that there was actually no contact, but it is difficult to be sure with complete certainty that there was not, so the VAR gave the go-ahead to Daz de Mera Escuderos. Ral Garca, with his usual poise, beat Aitor Fernndez.

From then on, both coaches began to think about the Cup match on Thursday. Marcelino, which had already booked from the beginning to Yeray, From Marcos Y Yuri, removed Muniain and Berenguer, his most active attackers, from the field. Paco López, for his part, did the same with Coke, Morales and, at the end, with De Frutos and Roger. Both De Frutos himself and Iigo Martnez Y Nose They had occasions to tip the balance, but none of them succeeded. They took the opportunity to take the measure facing the game that really matters to them and each one took a point home. A tie that takes them away from Europe, but that is now secondary.

At the end of the game, and as reflected by the referee in the scoresheet, Iigo Martnez “hit an opponent with his hand in the face” with the match already over. In the absence of a decision by the Competition Committee, the fact that the match was no longer in play would be considered as a serious assault. If so, the sanction that the Athletic center-back will receive will be between four and 12 games, which will be fulfilled in all competitions. That is he will miss the second leg of the Cup semifinal on Thursday.

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