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Karoliina, the wife of hockey player Perttu Lindgren, returned to work, although many wondered – “It is important that I am not dependent on him” – My money

When hockey player Perttu Lindgren and Karoliina, who worked as a janitor at the school, got to know each other, there was no big difference in their income. However, everything soon changed when Pertu’s career in the United States took off.

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When nurse-nursing student Karoliina Lindgren met a young hockey player in 2006 To Perttu Lindgren, there was no big difference in their income. Perttu started her career in the Finnish Championships, Karoliina earned her own rent by working in schools as a janitor.

In just a couple of years, the situation changed completely. Perttu got to play the AHL series in the United States. Karoliina went along. She did not have a work permit and would not have had any use to it, as the couple’s first child was born in 2008 in the USA.

For a young person it was clear to the couple that although only Perttu earned the money, the funds were common.

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– It was automatic for both to work for the common good. My contribution was at home with the children for a long time, and nothing else would have been possible when the cities and countries changed, Karoliina says.

Perttu, who has played in the Finnish Championships, KHL and Switzerland in recent years, has earned up to half a million in his professional career during the season.

She and Karolina have their own accounts. Perttu pays for the biggest purchases, such as holiday trips.

Apartments and cars have often come for the club. If, for example, Karoliina’s maternity allowance has not been enough for her own expenses, she has received money from Pertu.

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– Perttu has never checked or asked where I spend my money. I could have bought more and it wouldn’t have been a problem for him, but I have had an exact mark up.

Perttu has never reviewed or asked where I spend my money.

Karoliina’s wife took responsibility for the home when the children were small.­

Although Perttu was for a long time the only income recipient in the family, the couple is discussing larger purchases in depth together. Pertu thinks it goes without saying.

– I never thought we would be unequal because of what I do for a living. I find it strange the idea that there would be two different living standards within a family when we live together and have children.

According to Pertu, it is also the case that her career would not have been possible without Karolina’s support.

– I don’t know where I would be if we hadn’t been together. This is a challenging, pressured profession that family life helps balance.

Family As the four children grew older and life settled in Switzerland, Karoliina, who also studied to be a nurse, began working.

The children’s clinic has been asked why the top striker’s spouse doesn’t just stay home. Switzerland has a strong housewife culture, and co-taxation favors women at home.

For Karolina, a responsible job in charge of education gives her joy, but also an important feeling that she too can bring money to the family.

– I think it is important for the well-being of the relationship that we both know that I am not dependent on him.

So you don’t have to be together, but it’s good to be together. Much of the life spent abroad has made the family close.

The money is used to buy common pleasures such as restaurant dinners, good wine and holiday trips, which are always visited together.

– It’s hard to imagine that I could enjoy a holiday alone, Perttu says.

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