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Here are the first robot-surgeons able to operate on their own

What if complete operations could now be performed by robot-surgeons, without the need for human hands? In any case, this is what is happening in operating theaters, where we are starting to see the appearance of completely autonomous machines to carry out certain interventions.

It is a colossal change. Today, surgeons already rely on robots to help them during operations. They allow them to make a small hole in the stomach and pass microscopic instruments through it, to then perform the surgery through a screen. But it is always the doctor’s hand that controls and the robot’s arm that executes. But now there are robots capable of operating on their own. The patient is placed on the pool table and the machine takes care of it.

Achievable on specific interventions

At the moment, these robots are only used for a few very specific and fairly benign procedures, such as treating an enlarged prostate. This automated surgeon will go through the urinary tube and remove a small piece (Procept Biorobotics).

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There is also the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR), which alone performs all the sutures after colon surgery.

And others, able to take your blood, put a catheter on you and even give you a PCR test. So it’s the robot that pushes the long swab down to your brain.

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Clear human errors

In principle, these robotic surgeons must be thoroughly tested. But it is above all a question of trust. The advantage of the robot? We are sure that each time, the operation will be done in the same way with the same level of quality. So we erase human errors and the differences between surgeons. It is still necessary that the patients agree to be crushed by a machine.

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