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Granados denies that Aguirre received an envelope with black money and asks the judge to confront Brcenas

Sunday, 28 February 2021 – 23:03

Granados, in the middle, with his lawyer Javier Vasallo, at the Madrid Provincial Court in 2019.
Emilio naranjo EFE

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The former secretary general of the PP from Madrid, Francisco Granados, denies Luis Brcenas, denies that Hope Aguirre received an envelope with 60,000 euros in black in his presence and asks the judge to confront the PP treasurer.

Former high office popular has filed a brief with the judge Manuel Garca-Castelln, that instructs the Pnica case, to which EL MUNDO has had access, to emphatically deny the veracity of the episode recounted by Brcenas in his recent testimony as a witness before the instructor.

Granados asserts, through his lawyer Javier Vasallo, that the former person in charge of the finances of the PP not only lies but that the facts that he described will be widely prescribed. As a result, he assures that Brcenas’ testimony was directly “a waste of time.”

It should be remembered that the former treasurer of the PP recounted how “between 2007 and 2008” the builder Luis Glvez, company owner Ploder, He went to the national headquarters of the party to deliver a 60,000 euros in cash as a donation.

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Always according to Brcenas, that money was immediately handed over by his then boss, lvaro Lapuerta, to the former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre. He added that he did it in the presence of Granados and the former manager of the party in Madrid, Beltrn Gutirrez.

“All the statements made by Brcenas are false,” Granados emphasizes in his writing. But it is that, in addition, “The facts will be more than prescribed.” At the same time, he emphasizes that Brcenas made it clear that there were no more payments than the one described, so that there could not be a continuing crime that would interrupt the prescription.

Finally, whoever was Aguirre’s right-hand man asked the judge, “with immediate character,” to hold a “confrontation” with Brcenas “to clarify the reasons that led him to testify as a witness” in Pnica “speaking of absolute generalities or placing him in his office” during the collection when “he was not even the campaign secretary” who should receive the contributions for the same.

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