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For Heikki and Kirsti Salmela of Hesburger, financial matters are clear: “A man is the head of a family who bears financial responsibility” – My money

Heikki and Kirsti Salmela have their own accounts, but all the money is definitely common.

27.2. 15:51

Last week a debate arose about the impact of large income disparities on the relationship when Danny said We Women in an interview from their marriage Liisa Lipsanen with.

In Danny’s experience, one big reason for the resignation was the money his wife received from a successful acquisition of another hundred million.

– When Liisa sold Seppälä in the late 80’s, she suddenly got a lot of money and had to start using it, Danny said.

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– In the end, our relationship was affected by the fact that the other had money for another hundred million. I did not have.

Lipsanen acquired an old castle with its premises from Sweden and moved to host it. Danny’s role as lord of the castle felt foreign. According to Danny, he would have had no choice but to live on his wealthy wife’s income, and that was out of the question. The couple finally got the difference.

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We asked other couples how the significant income gap has affected the relationship.

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Heikki and Kirsti Salmela met more than 55 years ago at a restaurant where both were at work. Two completely destitute people fell in love.

Together, they set up a company in their twenties, which over the decades developed into Burger-In Oy, which runs Hesburger restaurants.

In 2019, sales of domestic and foreign Hesburger restaurants were EUR 347 million. Heikki Salmela has made the company a millionaire.

Although The wealth of the Salmelos has grown and partly differentiated from the beginning of their relationship, and the mutual monetary arrangement has remained the same throughout. Both have their own accounts, but all the money is definitely common.

Kirsti Salmela took care of the family’s boys at home, but worked in a family business during her career. He has received and lived on his own account wages and dividends.

– If sometimes there is even an evening dress over the funds, then Heikki has gone to apply and paid.

Heikki has taken care of the bills, bigger purchases and that there is definitely money in both accounts. It is self-evident for both that this is the case.

– I think the man is the head of the family, who also bears financial responsibility for the whole family, Kirsti says.

Heikki points out that he has not created Hesburger and wealth alone.

– This would never have been possible without Kirsti.

I think a man is the head of the family who also bears financial responsibility for the whole family.

Salmelat have never specifically agreed or quarreled over money during their relationship of more than 55 years. It has been easy because the attitude of both has been the same. The most important thing has been to work. The interest of the company has come before the personal interest.

And although Kirsti has sometimes bought a valuable evening gown for the need, both are still accurate about spending money due to their scarce background.

– At a young age, I had to think about whether I could afford to buy this monk now and often say no. Now I enjoy being able to buy whatever I want from the grocery store, Kirsti says.

Going to the grocery store without worries is an everyday highlight, especially for Heikki, who handles weekend food shopping. Together, the couple enjoys a cozy home made of money and the charity it makes possible. The Salmelo family funds schools for more than 450 children in Bangladesh.

Heikki has noticed that not only younger couples but also couples of their peers today often keep money apart and wonders how togetherness then works.

– I have the impression that if the money is separate and the other Earns clearly more, it could bring power to the relationship. At least it doesn’t improve the relationship.

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