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Facebook to end news blackout in Australia


The social network explained in a statement that it agreed with the Australian government “a series of changes and guarantees”

Facebook logo on the flag of Australia.
  • Companies Facebook news blackout in Australia: a notice to publishers and tech companies in Spain

Facebook has announced that it plans to end the blockade of the publication of news in Australia, which he imposed on February 18 in response to a bill to force platforms to pay to share content produced by local media.

The social network explained in a statement that it agreed with the Australian Government “a series of changes and guarantees”, allowing him to continue investing “in public interest journalism and reestablishing news in Facebook for Australians in the next few days. ”

Cancellation of profiles from news pages, undertaken without notice by the American multinational last week, it was widely criticized by the media, activists and by the Australian government, shortly before the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

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The head of the Treasury office, Josh Frydenmberg, and the Australian Minister of Communications, Paul Fletcher, announced on Tuesday that the Executive of Canberra will introduce new amendments to give “greater clarity to digital platforms and the media” on this controversial bill that is being debated in Parliament.

The bill, approved last week by the House of Representatives and which reached the Senate this week, requires companies to reach an agreement with the media to remunerate them for creating news in accordance with the monetization of the links published on the platform.

Ministers explained that the amendments will take into account whether the digital platform has made “a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Australian news reporting industry” and will establish a one-month notice before the arbitration process. ”

The code maintains its key measurements, that is, it is a mandatory code. A leading code in the world, “he told reporters in Canberra, Frydenberg praising the agreement with Facebook to negotiate “in good faith” with the media.

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