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Does a partner’s poor hearing already cause bickering? It can be affected: “Compact instruments are not grandmother’s panty-colored prostheses” – Health

According to the survey, one in three has experience of bickering caused by poor hearing.

21.2. 10:00

According to a survey commissioned by hearing technology, 35% of respondents have experience of misunderstandings and cinemas caused by poor hearing.

More than half of the respondents say that they have a close – spouse, parent or other person – whose poor hearing makes it difficult to communicate. Hearing difficulties can be exacerbated due to corona restrictions, as the mask prevents reading from the lips.

There can be various reasons for hearing loss. Everyone’s hearing deteriorates with age.

As hearing gradually deteriorates, the elderly may not notice it, according to the Health Library. However, he may begin to subconsciously, for example, avoid situations where poor hearing makes communication difficult.

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When the auditory cortex is not stimulated by sounds, other parts of the brain may deteriorate more quickly.

– The most embarrassing affliction are the china and misunderstandings due to the poor hearing of a loved one. They have experience in more than one in three. There is experience for people of all ages, but the proportion is slightly higher for those over 45 years of age. In addition to your own parents, there may be a twist with your spouse, says the CEO of Hearing Technology Juha Hakala in the bulletin.

Only 23 percent say their loved one uses hearing aids as an aid.

Men patted for trials

Only one in three Finns’ hearing has been examined in the last three years.

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One in five feels that it has been difficult to persuade hearing impaired people to go for a hearing test. About 60 percent know that their loved one has not had a hearing test. Thirteen percent of men say their spouse or other relative has actually patted them for examinations.

Applying for a hearing test is appropriate, for example, if you often have to ask your interlocutor to repeat your message. Hearing tests find out the cause of hearing loss and the need for aids.

According to the survey, about 40 percent of people over the age of 45 say they suspect or know that their own hearing has been impaired. The proportion of men is clearly higher than that of women.­

Hearing aids advanced

The life of a hearing impaired person can be greatly facilitated, for example, by means of a hearing aid. Hearing aids have evolved in recent years. They are no longer “granny-colored prostheses”.

– Prejudices subside with age as experience is gained on the subject. The guy may have acquired small hearing aids, which are not prostheses the color of Grandma’s panties, as they did a couple of decades ago, Hakala says.

Almost everyone who responded to the survey thinks hearing aids are like glasses, but many are shy about the idea of ​​using them. Men are more likely than women to feel that hearing aids make a person “look old”.

The idea of ​​using hearing aids is considered most unpleasant by people under 35 years of age.

Instrument like jewelry

Some time ago we talked about a forty who uses a hearing aid About Jenni Ahtiainen, whose jewelry makes the hearing aid look and look personal.

– I wanted to bring out the instrument with my jewelry and create a more aesthetic shell for it. Glasses are also available in different colors and shapes, looking like their wearers – why not hearing aids, Ahtiainen said.

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Sources: Kuulotekniikka Oy, Health Library, Hearing Association

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