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An experienced Conservative activist was completely surprised by Kirsi Piha’s retirement – sees a major change in political culture in the background – Politics

Arja Karhuvaara sees a clear cultural change in politics.

Experienced Coalition Party influencer, former Member of Parliament and current Helsinki City Councilor Arja Karhuvaara, 66, disappointed Kirsi Pihan to the surprising decision to withdraw from the party’s candidacy for mayor.

The yard announced its decision on Saturday.

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Piha had been elected candidate for mayor of the Coalition Party in Helsinki only two weeks earlier when he was defeated in the Helsinki District Assembly vote Wille Rydman by a vote of 67–34.

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Karhuvaara emphasized that at the district meeting, 67 members had given their trust to the Yard and many others in the background.

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– Kirsi Piha’s decision came as a complete surprise. It feels miserable that we lost one good option. Moreover, I am disappointed mode of operation. It is unsustainable, and not a very glorious way of giving up the mandate given by others. There was a lot of support behind Kirsi’s candidacy, and I see this as a breach of trust. If you have promised, you have promised! It’s a different thing if you get sick, for example, Karhuvaara said.

– I’m not the only one who feels betrayed. Others have such thoughts. I emphasize that this is my view on the matter, Karhuvaara added.

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The yard justified withdrawal in his blog post for he might not be able to successfully represent the “spectrum of values” in the Coalition. In addition to the Conservative right-wing Conservatives, the party also has a liberal wing leaning towards the Green Left.

The weightings of the different groupings are different, and the cross wave has not been avoided. The most recent conflict arose just a week ago when Yard criticized a municipal election candidate Atte Kalevan Helsinki without Communists election video.

Kirsi Piha withdrew from the Coalition’s candidacy for mayor and municipal elections on Saturday.­

– I would not have liked this kind of election, when people were thinking about going to the polls at all because of the epidemic situation. This can reduce the urge to vote if people feel like they are playing with each other. Voters will not be able to follow the debate if it is very contentious. I am afraid the turnout will be really low, Karhuvaara said.

– More emphasis should be placed on the party’s top projects and positions on them. I would like the party leadership to lead the party now. The field of discussion is now such that the participation of the chairman would be required.

Karhuvaara considers, however, that a greater drama has been built on the internal division of the Coalition than it actually is.

– It is a kind of social pornography and dishonesty to start building various cliques within the party and to disperse the debate. It is not really the party that is so divided, but the people’s cooperation has remained extremely good. At least I personally feel good that it is not necessary to agree on everything, but to give people the opportunity to agree and stand behind their own principles.

According to Arja Karhuvaara, a clear cultural change has taken place in policy-making with the new generation.­

More Karhuvaara sees a big change in the political culture behind the whole case in recent years. Instead of long-term work and entities, politics seeks its own role and its own achievements, and politics is increasingly used as a tool for its own personal endeavors.

– There is a new generation that may not be committed to politics in the same way. You start your own career through politics. For them, politics is just one way and a stage in life as part of other social activities. Politics has become more of a project and task nature than a long-term activity. It applies to the entire party field and also to association activities throughout Finland.

Karhuvaara takes for example, in the party as “young talents” in the early 2010s Lasse Männistö and Laura Rädy, who went to prop up their names in politics and then moved into the service of business.

Lasse Männistö progressed to Parliament in 2011 and after the first term moved to Mehiläinen, a director who provides health services.­

– Meininki is such that “I don’t bother arguing with others and I don’t spend my time figuring out if my thoughts get through and get into the position I want”. When those involved for a long time quit, there will no longer be a long-term commitment, Karhuvaara fears.

Also another experienced Conservative hero Harry Bogomoloff has found that politics has become the spirit of everything for me right now. The name of Bogomoloff, who has been active in the Coalition for 36 years, is not yet among the municipal election candidates, but Bogomoloff confirmed to IS that he will run again.

– It is unfortunate that Kirsi went with Piha as she did. The Coalition would have needed him for this seam, Bogomoloff said.

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