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Abu Dhabi Police violated 5380 drivers for lack of clarity of vehicle plate numbers – localities – accidents and cases

Abu Dhabi Police informed “Emirates Today” that it violated 5380 drivers last year due to the lack of clarity of vehicle license plate numbers on the road, calling on drivers not to hide their vehicle license plate data in any way, such as loading bicycles or any other unattainable items. Monitor plate numbers or distinguish category and source.

She stated that some drivers make simple mistakes on the road – from their point of view – expecting them to traffic offenses and large financial fines, including moving a bicycle against the back of the vehicle in a wrong way, which leads to hiding the plate numbers.

She emphasized that there is intense control over traffic and traffic on all roads, and that such violations are monitored, followed up and accurately photographed, and the perpetrators are being violated and the law applied against them.

Abu Dhabi Police pointed out that Article 27 (b) of the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates a fine for perpetrators of actions that may lead to the lack of clarity of vehicle license plates numbers of 400 dirhams, confirming its keenness to intensify traffic control and take legal measures in violation of any vehicle that does not comply with clarifying numbers Its plates are in accordance with the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law.

During the past years, Abu Dhabi Police arrested drivers who deliberately concealed their vehicle license plates to evade radar devices in case they exceeded the speed limits on the roads, and they were brought to trial, including the arrest of a Gulf driver, who tried to use an electronic cover as a way to hide the plate numbers of his vehicle, after determining The plate number, its owner, and access to it, before the spread of a video on social networking sites explaining his involvement in the violation.

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She explained the difference between the violation of the lack of clarity of vehicle plate numbers due to carrying items behind the vehicle, the fine of which is 400 dirhams, and the deliberate tampering with the vehicle’s plates with the aim of defrauding the radar devices, as it emphasized tightening traffic control and controlling the prosecution of violators, and applying the punishment against them.

It is noteworthy that Law No. 5 of 2020 regarding the seizure of vehicles in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi approved a violation to drive a vehicle with artificial, imitation or obscure number plates, or that have been changed or used in a way that does not comply with the applicable legislation, and with the knowledge of the vehicle driver regarding this, it is referred to the Public Prosecution and the financial value For the vehicle to be removed from the reservation of 50 thousand dirhams, provided that the vehicle is seized until the payment of the financial value of the reservation, and for a maximum period of three months, after which the vehicle is referred for sale in the public auction.

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