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A start-up launches a box capable of transforming a mobile phone into a PC

What if you could have the power of a phone with the convenience of a big screen and laptop keyboard? This Tuesday, in his column The innovation of the day, Anicet Mbida presents us precisely the new product launched by the start-up Leef: a box capable of transforming his smartphone into a laptop PC. The young company indeed had the idea of ​​creating a laptop computer totally powered by a telephone. In other words, there is only one shell with the keyboard, the screen and a battery. No memory therefore, no microprocessor or software … since it is those of the telephone that will control everything. It’s like plugging your phone into a keyboard and an external screen, built into the shell of a laptop.

What is the point if the applications do not adapt to both types of devices?

Right now, many phone applications are adapting. Most of the latest Android devices have a special, hidden mode that turns mobile apps into desktop apps, which can be controlled with the keyboard and mouse.

We therefore find a “start” menu, a file manager, Outlook, Word, the Chrome browser … All in windows that can be moved as desired. It is even possible to “drag and drop” like on desktops. With a huge advantage: there is nothing to configure, synchronize or transfer, since it is your phone that controls everything.

What is the price of such a case?

As there is no microprocessor or memory, prices do not soar and it is possible to have a laptop for less than 300 euros. We use a lot of similar applications between our phone and our computer. This solution therefore makes it possible to combine the two in one, simply with different boxes.

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