Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Professor Gilbert Deray is the guest of Sonia Mabrouk on Wednesday at 8:15 am

Every day of the week at 8.15 am, Sonia Mabrouk receives a topical guest in the morning of Europe 1. Wednesday, Professor Gilbert...

what to remember from the World Health Organization report on the origin of the virus

A report without surprise. The dozen international experts sent to China, in January, by the World Health Organization (WHO), released their investigation into...

No, elementary school students will not take a swimming test in a classroom

In the comments of this Twitter post, shared more than 2,300 times in three days, many parents are panicking.A world-class nugget! -...

Morocco, good pupil of vaccination, suspends its air links with France

At midnight on March 30, it will be over: no more flights between Morocco and France, neither in one direction nor in the other....

Yes, dried fruits are good for your health … but under certain conditions

DECRYPTIONPresented as good appetite suppressants, especially before exercise, and easier to store than fresh foods: are dried fruits really all good for health? ...
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