give up the mayorate and chair the CPAS? There is a precedent


This is what the PS offers Hasan Aydin. In 2018 in Oreye, Bernard de Sart obtained the best score of the MR. He did not wish to exercise the function of bourgmestre. He gave it up. He currently chairs the CPAS of his municipality. So much for the previous one.

If the Verviers Socialist Party manages to build a new majority agreement (without Muriel Targnion), it is Hasan Aydin who is the natural candidate-mayor: it is he who has the most votes on the socialist list just after the mayor. now excluded from the party.

Give up again

But the PS asks Hasan Aydin to give up (once again) the post of mayor. Why ? Because “the person who will have to exercise the leadership of the socialists must be someone who gathers as much as possible around him.” explained to us the former mayor Claude Desama who “Don’t think it will be Hasan Aydin. He doesn’t seem to me to be the best placed, regardless of his electoral score.” In other words: A series of socialist representatives had ganged up against Aydin. The PS succeeded in bringing them back to the fold. But to force them to work with him as bourgmestre would be pushing the plug a bit far. The PS wants another leader, someone more unifying: Jean-François Istasse, ex-supporter of Muriel Targnion or possibly Malik Ben Achour.

The PS therefore asks Hasan Aydin to step aside and guarantees him to be able to continue to chair the CPAS. The person is not enthusiastic. He had already given up in 2012 (in an aborted agreement with the MR) then in 2015 in favor of Muriel Targnion. And the attitude of the mayor of Verviers gives her the impression of having been fooled. On July 23, Hasan Aydin responded “non” to his party … which pretends to always expect a “yes”.

Sitting in college anyway

According to the former mayor Claude Desama, Hasan Aydin “could in any case give up the post of mayor, be re-appointed member of the council for social action and become president of the CPAS again. He could no longer be alderman, but he could sit in the college as an observer”.

The reasoning seems to contradict the code of local democracy: […]the counselor […] who appeared in the elections for one of the first three places on the list of candidates […] and who renounces to exercise the function of mayor […] cannot be a member of the municipal college (article L1123-4). However, the president of the CPAS “sits with a deliberative voice within the college” (Art. L1123-8).

According to these texts, if Hasan Aydin gives up the post of mayor as requested by the Socialist Party, he can no longer chair the CPAS either. He would therefore find himself quite naked after a crisis that he considers not to have provoked. Hasan Aydin could even have the impression that the PS offers him a “false solution” so that he puts himself aside.

Oreye’s Precedent

But there is a precedent in Hesbaye. In Oreye in the 2018 elections, Bernard de Sart obtained the best score on the MR list. Bernard de Sart did not want to become mayor. He gave up the post. However, he is today president of the CPAS of his municipality. It is this model that the PS offers Hasan Aydin to follow.

Bernard de Sart explains to us that the president of the CPAS is not necessarily an elected official. This is where the flaw lies. To achieve the desired result, he therefore resigned from all his mandates, before being appointed President of the CPAS. And as president of the CPAS, he participates in the college, since the law provides that the president of the CPAS sits there. The supervision, he comments, took three weeks before validating the mechanism.

Resign from all their mandates

If this is the model that the Socialist Party is proposing to Hasan Aydin, then there is a precedent. But a precedent which implies for him to resign from all his mandates. The man “quite straight, even a little stiff, not always easy to handle” what describes Claude Desama is he ready to accept this solution? Or will he find it humiliating? If he refuses it, the PS Verviers could well see itself split either into two, but into three camps!

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