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German star Johannes Vetter ranks second in world statistics in Kuortane – a warm thank you to the Finns – Athletics


Johannes Vetter rose to second place in the World Statistics at the Kuortane GP.

German Johannes Vetter snatched a second javelin throw at the world stats with his 86.94-meter throw at the Kuortane GP. The 2017 World Champion’s best quotation came in the final round of the competition, when he overtook the second-placed Sweden Kim Ambin | just over a meter.

At his best, Vetter, who pulled over 94 meters, was cautiously happy with his performance after the race.

– First of all, I am grateful that I remained more or less healthy. During the race, there was a slight cramp in my leg, but luckily I was able to throw a full six times. There were good ingredients in a few throws, so I can’t be very disappointed.

In the second round of the race, Vetter rushed to the 90-meter limit so often thrown at Kuortane, but eventually fell over the line of the arc of horror.

– It was a long throw, so it’s a shame I stepped over it. Too bad, but it’s a sport.

Vetter praised the atmosphere created by the Finnish audience and promised to come back soon.

– I enjoy throwing and training here. Things work just fine and everyone is friendly, a real sports people. My intention is to come to Turku in less than a couple of weeks for the Paavo Nurmi competitions.

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