From today, a mandatory form under penalty of not being able to board: how do you check in airports?


From August 1, all Belgians returning from a stay abroad must complete a form 48 hours before their arrival. An online procedure that is not always easy to achieve. At airports, companies are required to verify that passengers have actually completed their form.

This is what happened in Skopje, Macedonia, as evidenced by a couple of travelers I met. “There, twice we insisted on asking us if we had filled out the form correctly. Here, we were also asked”, he explains.

However, the procedure does not seem to be followed systematically.

It is an illustration of a procedure that can work perfectly as soon as you return home. This Saturday morning, at Charleroi airport, we met travelers, returning from Italy or Spain, who had not undergone any checks when they left. “It inspires fear and insecurity. It’s a lot of cinema for nothing”, drops one of them.

The goal is to find out where you’ve been

When passengers take a plane back to Belgium, it is at the airports from which they leave to check the forms. This is how Charleroi also finds itself carrying out checks for departures to other countries. “Each country has different rules. Other countries have more or less the same type of form with confirmation that it has been completed via a QR code. We may need to check this kind of document”, explains Vincent Grassa, spokesperson for Charleroi airport.

Completed online or printed, this document allows you to track your trip. Your movements and places of residence are thus known. “The objective is to know where you have been and to know if this area does not turn red or with a high rate of contamination and thus be able to ask you which people you have traveled with”, explains Frédérique Jacobs, interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus.

Even if you are not checked, filling out this form is mandatory.

> Here is the form to fill out online

> From today, Belgians returning from abroad will have to fill out this form: here is how to avoid the reported problems

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