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A small plane crashed into the ground in Papua New Guinea – a wreck revealed a load of cocaine that led to a criminal league – Abroad


Five are accused of conspiracy to transport drugs to Australia. They face a life sentence.

The crash of a small plane full of cocaine revealed an Australian criminal league suspected of having links to organized crime in Italy, CNN reported on.

According to police, the plane had flown from the town of Mareeba in Queensland to Papua New Guinea. According to police, the plane probably flew at an altitude of less than a kilometer so that it could not be detected by radar. Such flights are not only illegal but also dangerous to both on-board and non-aircraft.

Drug smugglers are said to have used the Cessna small machine.

The small plane crashed in Papua New Guinea on July 26 shortly after taking off from a remote runway toward Australia. According to images released by police, the plane fell into the middle of the forest.

The Cessna small plane was carrying 500 pounds of cocaine. The cargo is estimated to be worth around A $ 80 million (just over € 48 million).

– According to police, greed played a significant role in the league’s operations and it cannot be ruled out that the weight of cocaine may have affected the machine’s ability to rise, the Australian Federal Police release states.

According to police, the criminal league was driven by greed.

The pilot of the plane surrendered at the Australian Consulate a couple of days later. He has been arrested and charged with violating Papua New Guinea’s entry laws.

The plane fell into the middle of the forest.

In Australia, five men are accused of conspiring to transport drugs to the country. Everyone faces life imprisonment, police say.

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