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In the United States, a video of another homicide against a black teenager is shocking. Security camera footage shows at least seven of the Lakeside Academy psychiatric institution in Kalamazoo, Michigan, holding and sitting on the arms and legs of 16-year-old Cornelius Fredericks. The video was released on Tuesday by the teen’s lawyer and estate administrator, Geoffrey Fieger.

According to the video, Fredericks had been knocked down on April 29 for throwing a sandwich in the cafeteria. About a dozen other teenagers can be seen sitting in the cafeteria in the video.

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A lawyer’s law suit in June said the boy shouted “I can’t breathe” when he was detained. According to the video, it appears to have been about twelve minutes during which the facility staff also sat on the boy’s chest and stomach. At the end of the video, the boy appears weak and falls back as the men try to put him on. Others intervene and begin resuscitation. Fredericks suffered a cardiac arrest, went to the hospital and died two days later. His death was rated a homicide. The doctor who did the autopsy said Fredericks had choked.

Two nurses and one nurse were subsequently released and charged with negligent killing and child abuse. Lawyer Fieger called on the authorities to indict others. “As you can see in the video, far more than two people are involved in suffocating him,” said Fieger. His office hired a forensic examiner to examine the video material, parts of which are said to be missing. “It jumps and then people who were on the scene a second ago are suddenly gone.”

Indictment after a racist incident in Central Park

The New York prosecutor has brought charges after a racism incident in Central Park. At the end of May, an African-American hobby bird watcher asked a white woman to leash her dog in accordance with the parking rules. However, the woman refused, calling the police and reporting that an African-American man was threatening her life. The woman must now answer for false reporting of an incident, prosecutor Cyrus Vance announced.

The video of the incident, which the bird watcher’s sister published on Twitter, had been viewed millions of times and caused a stir in the United States. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had heavily criticized the woman and said the video shows “Racism, It’s Simple”. The woman, who was subsequently fired from her employer, apologized, but denied all allegations of racism. “It was unacceptable and I apologize humbly and completely.”

Elijah McClain case: Three police officers released

In Colorado, three police officers have been fired in the case of Black Elijah McClain, who died after police violence. Auroras provisional police chief, Vanessa Wilson, also released photos on Friday, some of which showed the police officers reenacting the stranglehold after McClain had died in summer 2019. The officials may not have committed a crime, but the photos are “a crime against humanity and decency,” said Wilson. “We are ashamed of ourselves, we are disgusted and we are angry.”

McClain’s name has been chanted repeatedly in nationwide protests against racism and police violence. Under increasing pressure, Colorado Governor Jared Polis reopened the McClain case.

In August 2019, three white police officers confronted McClain after an emergency call. When the 23-year-old resisted his arrest, he was strangled and later given a sedative. He suffered a heart attack and severe brain injuries – life support machines were later turned off.

After the case was reopened, reports were made of photos of three police officers re-enacting the stranglehold on McClain in the fall near the scene of the incident and laughing. The policeman, who imitated the stranglehold in the pictures, gave up his post earlier this week. Two others in the picture, including a woman, were released and also a policeman who was sent the photo and who commented it with “haha”.

The McClain family lawyer was horrified. “The fact that three police officers on duty and in uniform thought it was appropriate to re-enact the murder as a joke shows that the agency has thoroughly deteriorated,” criticized Mari Newman. For Elijah’s mother, Sheneen McClain, it was terrible “to see people making fun of her son’s murder.”

Brooks case in Atlanta: police officer can be released on bail

Following the death of African American Rayshard Brooks as a result of a police operation in the US metropolis of Atlanta, the prime suspect could be released under certain conditions. The judge set bail at $ 500,000, local TV station WSB-TV2 said after a hearing. Other conditions are, among other things, that he has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet until the judgment and hand over his passport.

The prosecutor charged the man with, among other things, excessive violence. The police officer faces life imprisonment without parole or even the death penalty.

Brooks had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car in mid-June when he was waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. Police officers found that he had been drinking too much and wanted to arrest him. There was a scuffle, Brooks grabbed an official’s electroshock device and fled. One of the two policemen fired shots that hit him in the back and fatally injured. The official was released without notice and his colleague was temporarily suspended.

Mississippi abolishes Confederate flag

Mississippi is the last state in the United States to choose to remove certain Confederate symbols from its official flag. The House of Representatives and the Mississippi Senate voted cross-party on Sunday to change the flag, which was largely viewed as racist. Republican governor Tate Reeves said he would sign the law. With his signature, the flag of the state loses its official status.

Especially after the death of Black George Floyd in a brutal police operation in May, people’s anger had turned against historical symbols of black oppression. In addition to the Confederate War Flag, this also included statues of Southern generals who had defended the right to keep slaves in the civil war. Mississippi has a black population of 38 percent.

The Confederate war flag had been incorporated into the state flag by white racists over a century ago, a generation after the Southern States lost the civil war. The House’s Republican spokesman, white Philip Gunn, has been campaigning for a flag change for five years. The decision in the House of Representatives on Sunday afternoon was 91 to 23, the bill passed the Senate later with 37 to 14 votes. Republican governor Tate Reeves has now signed the law.

A commission should now design a new flag. This should include the words “In God We Trust”. Voters will vote on the new design as part of the presidential election on November 3.

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