Travel: here is the form to be completed when returning to Belgium


People returning from risk areas to Belgium must complete an electronic form by which they agree to comply with the quarantine measures and via which they will receive an activation code to obtain a test.

The digital form that anyone traveling abroad over 48 hours will have to complete will be compulsory from August 1st. Belgian tourists returning from abroad must complete the form 48 hours before their return.

The control procedures are not yet finalized. The authorities will likely proceed by sample. Closing the borders to control cars is not on the agenda.

Let’s sum up. If you plan to travel in Belgium or abroad for more than 48 hours, you must first check the FPS Foreign Affairs website in order to consult the latest travel advice. Then fill out this form.

The form must be completed by all persons going to Belgium and this, by any means of transport (plane, boat, car, bus, bike …)

The authorities stress that if the information provided changes within 14 days, it is necessary to submit a new one.

Where can I find this form?

The form can be filled in directly by visiting on the FPS Public Health website. It is available in the three national languages ​​or in English.

Please note, without a mobile phone, once the document has to be printed and kept when crossing the border.

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