Tobacco prices, bank charges, electric scooters … Everything that will change for you from this Wednesday


More (or less) expensive cigarettes

From Wednesday, the prices of certain packs of cigarettes will increase by 10 or 20 cents but others will fall.

The amount of Marlboro Red, the best-selling reference, remains unchanged at 10 euros.

The Camel Shift will sell at 9.80 euros per pack of 20 units (instead of 9.60 euros), the Fortuna Rouge 9.50 euros instead of 9.40 euros, the News Classic Red 9.60 euros instead from 9.50 euros …

On the other hand, the prices of certain brands, such as the Winston Connect Blue, lose 10 cents, going from 9.50 euros to 9.40 euros per pack of 20 cigarettes.

The Royale by Davidoff Evolved Rouge lost 20 cents to 9.50 euros instead of 9.70 euros.

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In Nice, parking becomes chargeable again

It’s true, we got a taste for it. But as of Wednesday July 1, free parking is over! (it had been since March and the start of containment).

As a reminder, parking in the city of Nice is chargeable from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is free on Sundays and public holidays.

In the perimeter of paid on-street parking you benefit from 30 minutes free per day from Monday to Friday and 1 hour free on Saturdays, provided you take a ticket offering free parking at the parking meter or via the PayByPhone mobile application.

Please note that the fine is 16 euros and can be distributed several times a day.

a new drop in the gas tariff but …

Regulated gas prices are still trending down in July, by 0.3%, said the Energy Regulatory Commission in a statement.

In fact, the decline has been smoothed over the next few months to avoid their sudden rise, linked to the rebound in gas prices.

Without this decision, the average rate before tax would have decreased by 5.1%.

“The health crisis has indeed resulted in a historic fall in natural gas prices in Europe, which could result in a catch-up and therefore an increase in prices at the end of the year. The smoothing mechanism limits the price increases that could occur in the last quarter while respecting the principle of covering Engie costs “, is it justified.

“Since January 1, 2019, ENGIE’s regulated gas sales prices have decreased by 25.5% in total”, notes CRE.

the capping of certain bank charges

From this Wednesday, in application of the Pacte law, the costs of opening, keeping, transaction and transfer of a savings plan in action (PEA) or a savings plan in shares intended to the financing of SMEs and mid-caps (PEA-PME) will be reduced.

For example, the opening costs will be limited to 10 euros, and the costs of transferring the PEA to another establishment will be 15 euros, instead of around 100 euros currently, per line of securities held transferred.

All costs are capped at 150 euros.

a New Evolution of Partial Unemployment

From next Wednesday, two partial activity mechanisms will coexist: classic partial unemployment and long-term partial activity (APLD).

Regarding the latter, the companies concerned will be authorized to reduce working time for a maximum of two years, in exchange for guarantees on employment.

They must conclude beforehand a majority collective agreement (branch or company). The employee will be compensated up to 84% of his net compensation. The company, it will have to assume a balance of 15%.

As for standard partial unemployment, it will no longer be as advantageous as it is today from 1 October.

Employees’ compensation will be lowered to 72% of net salary, compared to 84% at present. The rest at the expense of companies will be increased to 40% – against 15% since June 1.

The application procedure will be identical to today. Upon administrative authorization, the employer may benefit from standard partial unemployment for a period of three months, renewable once.

New obligations for electric scooters

Dimensions, technology …

The decree of October 2019 which established the traffic rules for electric scooters included measures that became immediately applicable on October 25, 2019 (traffic restrictions, bridle …), when others were to come into force only July 1, 2020.

This is particularly the case for the dimensions of your machine: “from July 1, 2020, your EDPM (motorized personal displacement machine, Editor’s note) should be 90 cm maximum width and 135 cm length, but don’t worry these measurements include a large majority of models “, is it specified.

Each electric scooter must have an effective brake system and an audible warning, which must be heard 50 meters away. As well as front and rear position lights.

Anyone who contravenes these measures will be subject to fines.

Financial assistance for seasonal agricultural workers

During the month of July, the joint body Action logement will begin to pay aid of 150 euros, renewable three times, to seasonal agricultural workers mobilized during the health crisis.

The people eligible for this aid are the “employees of companies in the agricultural sector regardless of the age, duration and nature of their employment contract, exercising a seasonal activity “, provided that their accommodation has been the subject of a lease or occupancy agreement, and that the seasonal activity took place during the state of health emergency.

“The request system will be open on June 30”, specifies Action Logement.

More information on exposure to waves

Since July 1, 2020, all radio equipment operating close to the body, such as smart watches and wireless headphones, must display the Specific Absorption Rate Index (SAR).

The measure has only concerned smartphones so far.

The radio equipment concerned is that “the emitting power of which is greater than 20 mW and which it is reasonably foreseeable that they will be used at a distance not exceeding 20 cm from the head or another part of the human body “, indicates the decree.

In addition to smartphones, the measure will now apply to wireless headphones or connected watches. In addition, a third indicator, in addition to the head and trunk SAR, should be mentioned.

This is the DAS limb, which reports the absorption rate in the arms and legs.

“It corresponds to the use of the telephone pressed against a member, for example held in the hand, carried in an armband or in a pocket of pants”, éwrites the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) on its site. Its limit is set at 4 W / kg.

A drop in the legal interest rate

The decree was published Thursday, June 18 in the Official Journal: the legal interest rate goes from 3.15% to 3.11% from July 1, for individuals. If the creditor is a professional, the rate remains fixed at 0.84%.

These rates are updated in January and July and have been declining steadily since 2015, the date of their introduction.

Updated every six months, they correspond to a sum of money owed to a creditor in the event of late payment by the debtor, particularly in banking, over-indebtedness, credit, divorce or between professionals.

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