The Olympic Stadium will have refrigerated containers for those killed by coronavirus


National League of Honduras: The chancellor of the republic confirmed that the San Pedro Sula compound will be used as a morgue for a temporary period.

Like all countries, Honduras has enacted some extraordinary measures in the midst of the crisis by the coronavirus. One of them was confirmed this Saturday by the Chancellor of the Republic, Lisandro Rosales, who explained that the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium It will be used as a momentary morgue with eight refrigerated containers to house victims.

“I do not have the data that there are bodies in a container in the Leonardo Martínez. In fact there are none there, we moved them to the Olympic Stadium where eight more are being installed to be prepared, unfortunately to say so, for any eventuality,” Rosales shared. in an interview with Hoy Nuestro.

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And he added: “It is in the parking lot of the stadium, the electrical connections and the installation of a transformer are already being made to be able to maintain them as long as necessary to be prepared. We do not want any circumstance that the dignity of a deceased is affected” .

So far, Honduras has confirmed 24 deceased and 392 cases of people infected with the disease.

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