the brand formalizes its record 8TB SSD


After a leak from Amazon, Samsung is formalizing its new 870 QVO consumer SSD range with a capacity of 1 to 8 TB.

In a few years, the range of Samsung SSDs has become essential on the market. The brand offers both the SSDs with the best performance in its Pro range, but also SSDs playing on the capacity / price ratio with the EVO and QVO ranges. It is the latter that Samsung has today to renew by presenting the 870 QVO.

The all-new successor to the Samsung 860 QVO, it is still a 2.5 inch SATA format SSD based on QLC technology (4 bits per cell). The difference comes from a small leap forward in terms of performance, from 520 to 530 MB / s and from 550 to 560 MB / s respectively in sequential read and write. Samsung also highlights a 13% improvement in reading and random writing performance compared to the 860 QVO. Above all, with better control of its technology, Samsung can now offer a capacity of 8 TB for its best SSD, double the 4 TB offered until then by the high-end model. This variation is in addition to the other models: 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB.

With such a capacity, we can see the possibility of permanently deleting the old mechanical hard disks and completely replacing them with a more efficient and responsive SSD system. Samsung guarantees its SSD for 3 years, or up to 360 to 2880 TB of written data, depending on the capacity chosen. Finally, the storage is supported by a cache memory of 1 to 8 GB of DDR4 SDRAM to improve performance.

An unknown price that may be high

This new range of SSDs is already available from Samsung at a price not communicated by the brand. Today, the 460 QVO 860 QVO can be just under 400 euros on promotion days. It’s easy to imagine a price tag above $ 800 for the new 8TB Samsung 870 QVO. Pricing that may seem high, but which should fall over the years.

Even with this high price, this SSD ranks in the range of consumer products from Samsung. This distinction is made on the one hand on the performance and the technology used, but also on the price per GB offered.

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