Study – Taxation: Switzerland remains competitive


KPMG believes that the coronavirus crisis will strengthen the race for tax competitiveness. Some highly indebted countries will therefore have to fight to save their tax revenues.

In terms of tax competitiveness, Switzerland is well positioned in international comparison.


Switzerland’s competitiveness in terms of taxation is good. Thanks to corporate tax reform, the rate fell last year, making the country well positioned in international comparison, according to a KPMG study released Wednesday.

On average, tax rates have decreased by about two percentage points from 17.1% to 15.1%. This fall is to be attributed to the reform on corporate taxation, explain the authors of the Swiss Tax Report 2020, which compares 130 countries, including Switzerland and its 26 cantons. The canton of Geneva thus lowered its rate from 24% to 14% and that of Friborg from 20% to 14% in the context of this reform.

In 2007, when KPMG launched the first edition of its study, the tax rate in Switzerland was around 20%, the audit firm said.

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