So … there is a risk of covid in transport


The official provision to close those companies that do not offer private transportation to their employees makes it clear that the state government finally recognizes that the public mobility system represents a high risk of covid-19 infection.

It is never too late to rectify, just as the private initiative cameras (Caintra, Canaco and Coparmex) did not waste time yesterday to respond in the afternoon that they do not agree with what the state government announced in the morning.

Impeccable media coup, but these are not times of confrontation between businessmen and the state government in the face of an economic reactivation that cannot be postponed, and there is unanimous agreement between all social sectors.

That is why it is important to put into practice and perfect, by trial and error, the best forms of health prevention so that the greatest number of people return to work with the least risk of contracting the contagious virus.

If it is already known that the agglomerations lead to exponential contagions of coronavirus, saturated public transport cannot be excluded by decree from that equation, but neither should it be a reason for confrontation between the government and the industrial chambers.

They could well make agreements so that part of the fleets of trucks disabled by the lack of passengers are enabled as personnel transport for companies. With political will, there will always be solutions.

For now, it could start by labeling the busiest truck stops, the Metro stations and the Ecovía, with warnings of being areas of high risk of contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, to reduce the high number of infected.

It is a question of the citizens who are part of the economic reactivation not letting down their guard in the face of a pandemic that in Nuevo León entered its phase of more intense horizontal contagion, which increases the risks of saturating the hospital beds of the health system.

If dying in a hospital from covid-19 is a family tragedy, the corpses on the streets would be a social tragedy for which we would all be jointly responsible … and nobody wants that for this home for everyone called Nuevo León.

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