Seine-Saint-Denis police officer to be tried following violent arrest


Among the flood of judicial investigations targeting the police officers of the CSI 93, one has already delivered damning conclusions. Kévin C., peacekeeper, will be tried on November 5 before the Bobigny criminal court for “willful violence” and “forgery in public writing”. The accused is accused of hitting a young dealer in the Emile-Cordon city in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) during a violent arrest and for lying in the transcript of the proceedings in his minutes .

According to the complainant’s account, on August 9, he sold cannabis resin when police officer Kevin C., dressed in civilian clothes, simulated an order. As he prepares to “cut a piece of shit to weigh it” with his back to the official, he says that he received a spray of tear gas in the face. “In the process, he directly beat me. I didn’t understand anything, ”said the young dealer during his hearing at the IGPN.

“I really saw myself die”

A video shot by a local resident effectively shows the peacekeeper punching the face of the arrested. There, the latter is loaded into a van and handcuffed to the ground with the intervention of three reinforcing police officers. “They kicked my head, smashed my genitals at least three times […] Where I was really scared was that they strangled me. I really saw myself die. I was lying down and they were pressing on my head with their shoes, ”the victim described to the investigators. Only one of the officials will nevertheless be implicated in this procedure.

VIDEO. Saint-Ouen: the IGPN seized after a muscular arrest

At the police station, the young dealer is placed in police custody for drug trafficking. In his intervention report, the peacekeeper in plain clothes delivers another version: he claims to have surprised the young man in the act of selling drugs, to have fled him and then arrested while he was struggling. What apparently did not convince the justice, which retained the chief of “forgery in public writing”. The thesis of a “coup” by the police, a disputed method, was therefore accepted. “This case is indicative of the existence of the great police crime that exists in certain brigades,” said the complainant’s lawyer, Me Yassine Bouzrou.

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