Schools and kindergartens are temporarily closed in five districts


This was announced by Governor Thomas Stelzer and his deputy Christine Haberlander in a press conference called on short notice on Wednesday.

After a long time, the number of new infections with the coronavirus in Austria rose to over 100 on Wednesday. The lion’s share of 107 diseases (as of 9:30 a.m.), according to the Interior Ministry, accounted for 61 in Upper Austria.

“This is worrying,” said Stelzer at the press conference. “We have to do something about that.” Like the mayor of Linz, he also referred to the “Pentecostal Church Cluster”, which is largely responsible for the high number of cases (more on this in the article below).

All schools, nurseries and crèches in the districts Linz-Stadt, Linz-Land, Urfahr area, Wels-Stadt and Wels-Land will therefore be closed from Friday to the next Friday inclusive. “The number of cases is particularly high in these districts,” explained LH-Stv. Haberlander. A hotline for teachers will be set up. More information will follow shortly.

The press conference to check:

37 infected after Pentecostal Church

Previously, Linz Mayor Klaus Luger and City Councilor Michael Raml invited to a press conference in the Old Town Hall. The increasing infections in the state capital – 23 new corona cases were reported on Wednesday – and the measures around the “Pentecostal Church Cluster” were discussed. 20 new infections are to be assigned to this cluster. Thus, according to the Pentecostal Church, 37 participants have been proven to be infected with the corona virus.

Specifically, several church locations in Linz-Stadt and Linz-Land are affected. “Within the cluster, a few families, some of whom are large in numbers, shape the core of the action and include companies, schools, kindergartens and after-school care centers in the Linz area,” said the press conference on Wednesday morning. There would already be 100 people in quarantine in the vicinity of the cluster.

In Linz the number of infected people rose to 61, the day before there were 38. In Austria, more than 100 new infections were found on Wednesday. The following graphic shows that many new infections have been registered, especially in Upper Austria:

In the regions marked in yellow, there were 1-9 positive cases per 10,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

Image: Screenshot Corona traffic light 1.7.

Anschober: focus in Upper Austria

The focus of new corona diseases in Austria is currently in Upper Austria, Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober (Grne) said in a press conference on Wednesday. In Upper Austria, the number of illnesses increased by 2.48 percent within 24 hours.

In Austria as a whole, however, the number of people with active illness only increased by 0.6 percent, Anschober continued. The number of new infections reached 107 on Wednesday for the first time in weeks. There are currently 677 active patients.

According to Anschober, there are no indications that the openings in the respective area have led to massive increases. The outbreaks have so far only been regional, it said on Wednesday at the press conference. The situation at the federal level would be stable, but this will only remain the case if we “react very consistently” where there are visible cluster formations. One is in dialogue with Upper Austria, where measures of the country were presented on Wednesday.

Fast contact person management is important – “it is about every hour”. It is also about the risk awareness of the population, “some have become tired”. The basic rules such as hygiene measures and distance rules must be observed.

Vienna in second place

Vienna was in second place with 24 new infections, followed by Styria with nine and Lower Austria with seven. Three diseases were reported from Tyrol, two in Salzburg and one in Burgenland.

So far there have been 17,873 positive test results in Austria. As of today, 705 people across Austria have died of the consequences of the coronavirus and 16,497 have recovered. Currently, 74 people were hospitalized for the Corona virus and nine of them were in intensive care units.

  • More current graphics The situation in Austria and worldwide can be found in this article.


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